Sunday, November 20, 2011

Draft LOL champ

__, the terrified coward
concept is that he is terrified of everything and wants to join the league to learn to be coragous like all the other champions. I suppose he is from some small wartorn village that has seen more than its share of destruction.
building confidence:
with each passing minuite that you are not killed you gain confidence in your abilities.
MR,AR,AD,AP are buffed by 1% per minute
you panic and leap away from the nearest enemy champ. your ajility stunns any enimies in mele range. as you get better at panicing you also flee from ememies faster
stunned for 0.5 +0.001AP seconds
CDR 5/4/3/2/1 seconds
range of leap same a s Kassidins jump, works over walls.
not targettable
Passive movespeed bonus the oposite of what vayne has.
Cower in fear:
In terror you cower behind on of your allies, sobbing in their shaddow. They become protective of you gaining 50% your AP and MR.
melee range
you are silenced for the duration.
target allied champ. activating again or leaving range deactivates.
Noooo, I dont want to die. in a franctic panic you assult an enemy your hysteria cantches on to any allies nearby.
Attack speed increaced by the % health you are missing
Allied champs gain 50% of your AD and AR
targettable on enemy champ
sing brave sir robin
shyness/bravado mecanic that depends on the number on girl champs in play?