Saturday, November 26, 2011

Draft LOL Champ 6

Selah, The Homeless One

Attributes: Support (assassin&carry maybe)

Melody a friend (apprentice+admirer/rival) of summoner Istvaan (from Fiddlestick story) was one of the advocates against extra planar summoning. she maintained that there was no need to summon creatures from other worlds. there have been enough magical monstrosities created through the Runewars that there should be no need to.
She maintained that any of the other worlds were inhabited mostly by harmless creature who just want to be left alone. She set out to prove this using the knowledge that Istvaan taught her to try to summon a bunny from the most distant and disconnected place thus far found.
It worked ... sort of.
other summoners remembering the summoning of Fiddlesticks attempted to interrupt her spell. Only the creatures soul arrived, leaving its body at home. But this was not noticed for quite some time.
At first it was assumed that Melody failed and went mad. as a result Melody  was exiled from the Summoners guild she ended up wandering the streets of Zaun homeless and destitute. she should have died of old age by now but has re-emerged with a split personality. She claims the other half is Selah whose soul has taken residence within her.
Melody has taken on the title of "The Homeless" and decided to return to the League of Legends to make sure that nobody else is made homeless through their so called "war prevention games" This time though she will be acting as a champion not a summoner.
When participating in league matches Selah is summoned out of Melod's mind onto the fields of justice.
Some people speculate that Selah is not really a harmless bunny but a superpowerd entity or the spirit of a star and only a portion of its power can be used in this realm, some people claim it is an insanity a virus or a parasite.

League Judgment:
A day in the life of a miniature giant space hampster
"So how does it feel, exposing your mind?"
"Torcherously lonely, horribly sad I can hardly bare thinking about it. Oh you mean the judgement. Thats OK, its nice to have somebody other than Melody to talk to for a change"
"Um, err, Why do you want to join the League?"
"To remind you summoners why you shouldn't summon creatures from Elswhere. I will teach you empathy"


    Health: 1 (+0)
    Mana: 500 (+ 75)
    Damage: 1 (+0)
    Attack Speed: 0.5 (+2.0%)
    Range: 500
    Armor: -60 (+0)
    Magic Res: 30 (+1.5)
    Health Regen: 4 (+ 0.5)
    Mana Regen: 6.2 (+ 0.65)
    Mov. Speed: 330

//yes negative armor so that possessing a minion will give them zero armor. also you are supposed to be very vulnerable as a homeless bunny.
//health regen only relevant when it is added to the possessed champ/minion
//spending time as a homeless bunny is ill advised.


Ethereal Essence (Innate) - Since Selah has no body to call her own her mana acts as her health. and damage done is taken from her manabar instead of her health. When her mana reaches zero she is unsummoned.

//there are a few champs with only health bars, this is the opposite. Selah is a very magical entity.
//health items will have their effects added to the host minion.champ but be irrelevant for Selah

[Q] Dimensional Dodge - Selah focuses antidimensional energies around her to protect her host.
(Passive) increases her tenacity 8/10/12/14/16 (+0.25AP)
(Toggle) Dodge increased by 1% for each 2% mana available. +50% dodge at full mana.
costs 10 mana per dodge

//this should quickly drain your manna to ~10% but not drain it all the way to zero. leave it on for a nice passive boost or save it and your mana for emergencies. necessary to have on when in bunny for as you have no physical defence
//the tenacity part of this ability may be unnecessary, possibly this is only relevant when not possessing a champion?

[W] Astral Attack (Active) - Selah focuses on the next attack adding her AP as magic damage.

    Cost: 25 mana
    Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds

//Similar to Blitzcranks punch but no stun. this and [R] are your only ways to attack when homeless.

[E] Transiency (Active) - Temporarily reside within anothers body stacking all your stats to theirs. As Selah grows she can control larger creatures. Baron Nashor is to large though.

When in possession of a minion:
    Minion gains manabar, when the minion dies Selah is ejected into her bunny form. All stats from items are added to the minion and the Selah takes full control of the minion.
When attempting to posess an allied champion:
    Selahs mana is added as a sheild to that champs healthbar. On separation 50% of the remaining health goes into Selahs mana and 50% remains with that champion. If the champion dies so does Selah.
    All non unique items stats from the first 3 items are added to the host champion. Selah can use her abilities but cannot control movement.

    Can posses: Minions/Small jungle creeps/Jungle with buff/ dragon/ Superminions
    Range: 750
    Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds

//the really interesting part of the champ.This means that any item is valid for Selah to build. you can get ferried around by your lane mate or go jungelling and posses lizard rather than killing him.
//Don't really want a Fiddlesticks with 12 deathcaps, scary to think about it.Changed to 3 items only. I suppose the base stats would not be added to a champ either.
//shield is similar to mord or blitz.
//enemies can identify her on a minion because the minion has a manabar, that is all.
//enemies can identify her on a champ by the shield and a bunny following.

[R] Homesickness (active) - Selah gives an enemy champion a look that says "I miss home and it is so far away" Both are caught in an empathic link stunning them and losing allied vision. mana is drained from the enemy to Selah.

     Snare for 1 second
     Cost: 150 / 200 / 250 mana
     4/6/8% +0.3AP mana is transferred per second
     Cooldown: 150 / 140 / 130 seconds

//helpful to gank like with nocturns [R]. also can be used as a lifesteal, the only lifesteal available actually.
//note that this also snares the host champion, they might not like you for it even though their manasheild is increased.
//you may end up with less mana than you started with. Maybe there should be no mana cost?

a homeless girl in a hooded rag cloak, when you attempt to leave the summoners platform a bunny ghost jumps out. (or some other woodland creature)
you use the bunny untill you can posess somebody.
Possessing a minion is a ninja action, without any particle effects from items you will be hidden, exept for the mana bar.
Possessing a champion can add the ghost version of that champ. either slightly larger or with a delat to animations to make the champ look blurry.
Or her rabbit image follows said champ. (less particle effect this way.)

//This still feels a bit too OP. but I did the two things I wanted. Mana for health and the possession thing. There is no lore yet (that I know of) relating to the people who didn't like summoning from other planes.
//I really have no idea how much it will take to kill this champ.
//when possessing a champ debufs eg silence effects them both
//ghost abilities (mord/zil/yorric) target the other champ not Selah. unless Selah is on a minion. To avoid this target Selah's portrait instead.
//if you only posses one champ you can get them their endgame item build halfway through the game. since you die at the same time you should always be able to stay together.
//ofthe ones that I made this was one of the first and I think the best.