Sunday, November 20, 2011

Draft LOL Champ 2

note that these are inspied by TGTIWLTP. They need a bit mor work and imagination before I link then to the LOL forums. bit I think I found where I saved them al a year ago and am placing them here tor the moment.
Will finish it eventually.

super slow attack, huge health and mana bars. healer, support

Healing aura for nearby units
enemies are disenchanted by the generosity and lose 4%AD and AP (negating the masteries buff)
Health regeneration increased by % of health missing (like the chalice of harmony)

1 Bodyguard
any progectile attacks that pass withing range get redirected to self, lasts 3 sec

2 Curse Curses
become more resilient to debuffs. tenacity 4/6/8/10/12
can be activated to transfer all allied debuffs to self, this disables the passive.

Transfer HP from self to ally, excess healing is splashed to surrounding units or added as a shield.
same range as auras.

4 Intimidate
Passive aggressive you buff yourself to look more buff, gaining 75%AD and 50%AP. you fear all enemies for 3 seconds.

needs to be nuked to be slain.