Thursday, December 15, 2011

Further to trying to define what happens at a LAN: Psizomaijitsu and psizomai

Psizomai is a state of being like “asleep” or "betrothed” it describes the relationship between a human and an electronic entity that is being controlled, be they an avatar or otherwise.
Psizomai is taken from the words psionic for mind magic and daimonizomai for daemon possessed. For through the relationship you can control all the thoughts and actions of your protagonist. Creation of avatar is a common method of connection, as per games like Skyrim and WoW, psizomai incorporates this as well as when you control a predefined character and live by their rules as per Tomb Raider or Deus Ex. In the latter case the character exits in the world apart from the player and has a memory of events preceding to when you joined the game, these people are also more likely to participate in cut scenes.

Psizomaijitsu is an active type of meditation, where the practitioner focusses on other worldly events to the exclusion of our own world. Thus setting up and maintaining the psizomai link.  It is easily interrupted as with any other type of meditation. Certain equipment is required, such as a Gameboy/PC/comfortable chair.
I dare say that the earliest instances of psizomaijitsu would be “chose your own adventure” books. The opposite of psizomaijitsu then be roleplay i.e. D&D or maybe cosplay, where you draw elements out of the gameworld and superimpose them on yourself, pretending that this is the gameworld.
Different games lend themselves to different levels of immersion. Certain things like min-maxing your character usually voids the suspension of disbelief as well.