Tuesday, September 24, 2013



Hrm, that cant be right Kero isnt here... Ah this [Link] is much better. This game has multiplayer but the campaign story is interesting as well. I wonder if he always gets tofu pizza. I’m curious to see the dynamics of my split personalities interacting with each other. To start with I went with Frog, the elven warrior, looks like I need level 4 before I get any real class skills. Then I discovered that I get to control two heroes, thus there must be room for a third as indicated in the first tutorial mission. So;

Frog, an elf Warrior

Seeks to dodge, move fast and backstab.
Why? Because I wanted a fast Frog and the elves come in froggy green trousers. And now I have found I can flank. I’m unsure of what weapons I should wield, but it may be quite a while before I actually get an interesting choice regarding this.

Skyzer the Mad Logician, Human Wiz

Plans to plan. Staying out of danger and using tactics to manipulate allies.
Why? Because I don’t have many other personalities left. Usually Skyzer is a bit of a dervish, a loose cannon and radioactive berserker. But I think I’d benefit from a wizard more than doubling up on another class. Also being a tactical human sounded like I can then help Frog hop along. Possibly a Dwarf Warrior would have fit like a glove and Skyzer could have charged in, dual wielding long swords. But Skyzer is not a glove fitting type of fellow. More of a boot on the wrong foot kind of guy, so if you look closely at his otherwise distinguished beared you will notice bits of last night’s soup, and possibly a rabbit shank saved for Ron. But no, spewing flames and manipulating movement will suit Skyzer fine.

Anoiki the Necromancer, Dwarf Paladin
Hoping to heal and buff toughness.
Why? Because I wanted Anoiki to join me and since Axes are probably hard to come by I’ll need to be the OCD Healer, and the healthiest healers are dwavern paladins. I wonder if Anoiki can also be a tank healer like my shaman in Warhammer online.

In the first battle with Skyzer, Frog let him take all the hits to see what would happen when the wiz died. But they have had much better teamwork since then. Especially when Anoiki learned how to passively heal all allies within arms reach. Now I feel ready to take on VRBones, and see how he has organised his allies. Are they a mix like mine? All elves? All male? All old? Or possibly he went with the crusader kings 2 plan and chose whichever characters had the largest nose?

Then I’m also expecting Josh and Sam to have a party now, probably also around the same level as me.