Thursday, September 12, 2013

Too many Onion Soup

So I bought 2kg of sliced onion for a Rotoract BBQ, being election day it was mostly a flop. So I still have a loaf of stale bread and a kilo of sliced onions nearly a week later. Ten has caught onto the current soup craze, and I remember a suprisingly good onion soup I had in Nepal. I ate a lot of bizare things over there. Thus we will have a Dynamic Soup Battle!!

The premise is that both Ben and Ten cook a soup to consume after Gym and then Josh + whoever else may want to come along muse decide which soup is better and which is best. I'm quietly confident I will lose.

Step 1
50g of butter
2 table spoons of Virgin's Olive oil
Heated in a pan

Step 2
Start playing Mount & blade, soon I will have helpes Anoikis the Axe conquour all colanria

Step 3
Set pot to lowest heat
Add all onion to pot (strike that only room got half a kilogram in my saucepan)
Find some shalots and miscelanious onion type plants from herb carden and thinly slice
Add extra variety to pot
Add 2 tablespoons of raw sugar to help carimalisation process
Add some garlic and salt to taste

Step 4
Engage crockpotBoil a kettlefull of water
Add 2L worth of beef stock

Step 5
Over the next hour conquor castles and stir the pot, till all the onion is floppy.
Step 6
insert the silky smoth onions from the saucepan into the crock pot
Add another kettle of water to ensure all onions are covered.
Leave sit on low for ~4h for soup to brew

Step 7
Make garlic bread

Step 8
make barlic tost
I'm using somewhat ols bread in a george forman grill
Both sides of bread buttered
Top side of bread additionally spread with minced garlic and sprinkelled with chese.
Cooked in grill

Step nine
Consume and judge.