Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Musings on a replacement car #10

Musings on a new car #10

Drove to Biloela for fathers day and it turns out I don’t mind listening to the radio as much as all that. So I’ll go the cheapest option, part of the justification is that if I wait a little Mores Law will give me a better stereo. So to recap…
$0 As is
Simple, quick to turn on, may have no reception and I get sick of my CDs
$40 RF Transmitter
Lots of cables, Audio out on my phone doesn’t work,
$400 Android Tablet
Also a multipurpose tool, 2 cables, ~30 second startup & setup each time I want to use it.
$600 new stereo
Similar to a tablet, no cables, instant start, can use USB thumbdrive, better Bluetooth.

And then I got some more CD’s from dad as his car can sync easily with his iPod. Later on the way home from gym the CD player wouldn’t let me enter in a new CD or eject anything from it, so I thought it was broken. But then I found a load button, so I need to press load, then present the CD. Thought that was wired until I found out I can fit more than one CD into it…

Also I ended up with some tray style floor mats that nearly fit and should be easy to remove sand with. ~$50

Neoprene seat covers? The next big thing?

Ask cam about neoprene and possible base colour and FB him a picture of the TTGL Logo or something to have added to the centre panel of the seats. What about the back? Give up on the cupholder I think.