Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rouge Legacy Strategy

Golden Shinigami, no lecherousness, Speed hunting the runes.

First off I unlocked the spelunkette and other otherwise useless monetary boosts, because the longer I leave these unlocks the more pointless they are.
But what I liked playing was the Hokage and Lich. One is fast and can KO, the other snowballs, feeding of the souls of fallen enemies. To make the Lich more fun I have four counts of downgraded minions, so it is easier to consume them.
Thus the greater challenge is the dungeon traps themselves. In particular I fail at the down strike platforms a lot. Methinks the flight and speed runes would help with this, which is why my 5th rune is for flight. I’d also like a more fully fleshed out armoury with which to make an informed decision about my clothing. Realising this is what tipped me over the edge in deciding to avoid all lecherous behaviour and just rely on my manual dodging abilities alone. But it may be a short lived decision to avoid all vampiric siphoning (After all these skills do lend themselves nicely to the lich). The thing is he should be able to stand on his own two feed and not need the passive health and mana regeneration from slain enemies.
I best like the rune challenges where I only have to remove all the locals or the one where I need to quickly find the chest. Some of the other ones I just cannot do, like the one that requires me to use the dash rune which I haven’t found yet.
I still like being a skeletal warrior. I don’t know why but they sound cool. I remember the ones from Jason and the Argonauts, I suppose that’s a really old movie now. Its interesting to think that I actually exist in my bones and I’m just coincidentally covered in a pink meatsack that has a rather symbiotic relationship. Then in there was no meat all my bones would still remain in place because well, that’s where they are supposed to be.

It’s probably a good idea to lock the dungeon and go back through it for all the green chests, but more often than not they are still too hard, even with all the portals open for some quick healing. Also I am at the point now where locking the dungeon and getting enough cash for an upgrade are mutually exclusive.