Saturday, August 24, 2013

Musings on a replacement car #9

My main issue is: I want music to listen to while in car.
But there are problems…
Losing radio stations,
Radio stations without music.
I have ~12CD’s and have listened to them enough times.
I have lots of music available on my PC though
PC music generally is not in MP2 format, so I don’t want to burn CD’s

Possible solutions:

Phone music via adaptor
Sam forgot to lend me his but I could have a power cable to phone and leave it in the centre console, then from the audio out go to a device that transmits a radio signal to the stereo. Apparently there is a bit of loss in quality and I’d have to look for the phone to change tracks.
This is the cheapest solution (other than doing nothing)

Stereo upgrade:
Costs ~$300 for all the peripheral bits like a connection to the steering wheel
Then ~$300 for the actual unit
Don’t want video playback
Happy using phone as GPS with google maps
Need USB Aux (+iphone compatibility for allies and associates)
Touchscreen may be nice, still use my phone for GPS/google navigation
Bluetooth for alternative phone input? Then I can still play music from phone
USB in centre console? For also charging things.
This is the neatest solution.

HDMI out with HD and audio (for watching anime on the TV)
Audio out to connect to car AUX inputs, L+R (thus augmenting the current stereo)
WIFI: to then share with phone in the car and be able to run Google navigator whilst driving.
In car would require cable to Stereo + power + holder on dash. All looking untidy.
LINUX: To use steam on the TV?
Probably no chance it could run SAM3 or TF2, but FTL, Osmosis and League of Legends will apparently run (on win8).
Possibly use as a mousepad on my main PC? Since mice are becoming old school.
May be a place to install all my humble bundle games?
What would be the sound quality loss in using the cable as opposed to an inbuilt stereo?
GPS functionality? To replace phone and run Sportypal, for bushwalking and things?
Bluetooth for a real keyboard?
Seems though that with linux + steam my android apps wont work. On the other hand other than google maps / navigator it shouldn’t make much difference. After all the primary use of the tablet would be car stereo/HTPC.
Dual booting doesn’t sound pleasant.
This also solves my HTPC issues, so long as it runs VLC. (and based off the above I can justify a $650 budget)
Could be cool to turn up at a friends place, unplug my car stereo for the FWOTD in LOL, with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Then connecting it to the TV to rewatch Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog.

I wonder… a while back I was considering 2-way UHF radios for when road tripping. If my phone is sharing internet wirelessly, how far would the signal reach? To the car behind me maybe?

So a linux tablet sounds dodgy with dual booting and the normal linux tweaks that are required to make it usable.
And if I want to run steam I need something that can run win8 (the tablets with the hardware of a notebook)
But does android allow:
1080p FullHD HDMI + sound output?
USB connection for extra HDD, preferably USB3.0
Multiple video formats and switching between audio/subtitle tracks? Yes, with VLC (Beta)
<5second boot time, allowing me to start the tunes at the same time I start my car?
Possibly from Sam’s experience I would listen to radio around town and only bother with the tablet for long trips, like to briz or bilo.

Cheap Chinese knockoffs seem like a good idea
What is NVIDIA's TegraZone?

Big rubber mat for under bike. Decided on an op-shop blanket instead. now stored on the half tyre under the boot.
Bucket like floormats $40, fit well enough for the frount. the cheap ones I got are now in the back.

Custom fitted seatcovers may take 2 days and cost $400
Alternatively check as per bec’s suggestion
Also considering the paint protection and rust electronic device.