Friday, August 16, 2013

Hair today ... tomorrow

Apparently I looked a little like the paddle pop lion and needed a haircut. Well I've been told to cut my hair for a long time. But just now found out that google has the paddle pop lion looking a lot more manly than what I remember.

I also could have gone for a Qui Gon Jinn ponytail.
And I thought of Sara S. and how she said she would never be surprised by something I did.

Though I still couldnt find the motivation to do something about my hair. On thursday I was thinking of how people raised money for shameless things and I came accros the perfect idea.

I bet you $20 I'll colour my hair Cyan.

I feel a bit sorry for the colours Cyan and Magenta, they hardly ever ger used. Red, Black Yellow, Green, White, Blue and even grey are much more popular. Though I cant imagine the fallout from magenta hair.

Then thinking of fallout. What will I say when people ask me why my hair is cyan? Well I suppose the reply must be..

I'm raising funds for a haircut.

So is it possible? will it really happen? Halfway is here.

So this morning I got the comment that I looked a bit lire Roranora Zoro

But then I went back for a touch up to make it less green. and spent the rest of the day socialising at a sojourn. You can tell its a Sojourn because we played Super Smash Bros. Melee on a gamecube emulator with a Rift and N64 controllers. But yeah, first pics of coloured hair.