Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bright Souls: a dark misadventure

Turns out that the skeletons were quite helpful, they taught me how to use my falchion properly, not a very talkative bunch though. Aside from that Frog’s guidance allowed me to make short work of the Minotaur, after that I had a chat to somebody who was delusional about the sun, but he gave me the white soapstone with which to summon allies, so it’s all good. I looted some wraith’s trousers, more like a miniskirt really, and about eight helmets. Not planning to hide my smile though.

And without much more ado I have removed the flaming skull of a skeletal pyromancer and taken a short cutscene to visit Mr Snuggly. Where I traded the warm and soft burning brain for a ghost ring. And now I am only half the person I used to be. Incidentally the cutscenes are great, really impressive, yet not a jarring separation from the rest of the world.

Thus with the help of Mr Snuggly’s ghost ring I was able to pass by the last of the skeletal Arabs to reach the Black Knights Axe. Unfortunately my zombie strength hasn’t matured enough to wield this woeful wounder.

Finally the falchion flourishes finish, I’ve found a bow with which to pierce the red drakes tail, it’s got nothing on my Warbow of yore but, with sixteen arrows, the job has been done. So now though I have a small arse hidden under my skirt the tip of the drakes tail is far more damaging than everything else I’ve got. (*spelling* that should have been arsenal…)

Damaging the denizens of the depths from a distance depends on the diminishing durability of my dark drake sword, I don’t know what happens once weapon is wrecked, I should test this on one of my less rare and boring blunt instruments or possibly crumpled cut-up clothes.

I got a substantial bug and wasn’t able to progress much after this. After a slow, struggle to re-install and confirming my credentials to access the nexus I got things back up and running. Then with some tweaking under the hood the dll’s began behaving and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.


So now that things are running again, off to the forest with my drakish sword. Though a cleaver sounds nice I probably need help getting there. But the forrest was never fully explored by Frog and there is a rumor of some nifty claws. So now I am a Hunter of Forrests, look, ther's one, let me at it.
I shouldn't have back stabbed the guy in the middle of the field. I had snuck around him to talk to the cat and get her ring (incidentally much less impressive than I expected). The solution was to go all the way up to the top tower, wail away on some stone men and pay some indulgences. Then all the way back down again to have another chat with said Cat.

Frog really missed out on this forest, there are some great fauna here.

 Soon after his I took the back entrance to the fire swamp in search of rodents of unusual size.On the way through the valley of the shadow of drakes I *crawled* past something that looked scary enough to avoid. It may be sleeping, it may be dead, it may be a trap, I didn't get close enough to find out. Despite the temptation of a few bright souls.

Down the bottom of the fire swamp I was able to acquire some claws, these I like. More so because the came from the Cat Convents (off duty) Captain. Though I could potentially pounce like a pussy if I pilfered his pockets, I probably shouldn't. Last time I killed a kitten whilst wearing this royal ring it exploded. KAA BLAAAAAAMMM!!!!  Never kill the kittens lest you raise the ire of the Cat Lord.

Well, while cool the weapons are rather weaker than the bashing the tip of the drakes tail into the ground. So back I go to the catacombs, in the search of a Giant Dwarf.
I think maybe hid beard was bony? or perhaps that's all the clothes he feels he needs?
Oh well despite being rather grumpy and reminding me of minecraft he was rather helpful.

 So I now have some bleeding flaming claws of steel, functionally similar to the falchion I found first. Actually looking back now I feel more like shredder than a cat. For example in the last one I lost a Samurai duel to a bald Knight.