Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anoiki The Axe banished to Dark Souls

It seems I am undead. I don’t really know how I got here, it was the eve of my coronation as the Queen of all Calandria, I think I may have been assassinated. I certainly look dead, though I am in a prison so maybe bandits have kidnapped me again. But that doesn’t feel right either as I certainly wasn’t fully clothed beforehand but I am now.
So I’ve been her in this cell for longer than I care to recall. I don’t seem to need to eat or use the privy. There is probably something large pacing back and forth nearby. I found a little ring of fire on my skin, its behind my left shoulder, I wish I had a mirror to get a closer look at it. Since I have some cloth and a lot of time I’ve taken up sewing and made some stuffed animals out some of my clothes. More important than all this though I found a journal left by Frog. It seems that if I work really hard I can regain my humanity and escape this place. Apparently Frog is a dexterous pyromancer who dies a lot. But to die here only means becoming more zombie like, and if you don’t give up and lose home then you will be fine. Those who have given up and gone mad will leave behind bright souls that function as the economy of this world.
Musing and meditating
While I have been sitting here making stuffed animals I decided I wont be at all like Frog. After all I’ve also been called the OCD Healer. I’ll tackle problems head on, shieldless. With a castle as decrepit and warm as this I doubt I will find any ugg boots to wear. But I’m sure to find a meat cleaver or a big black axe to make me feel more at home. Frog’s Ring of Mist sounds nice, though she also mentions a vampiric ring which sounds better. I’m not familiar with these sorceries and pyromancy, so I think I’ll give that a miss. Back in Calandria we never had anything more mystical than rumours. It seems that as I become more human I will gain zombie like strength and abilities, but in the beginning Frog advises enchanting weapons with the power of the elements, she chose lightning I think Fire is more my style.
The plan
Once I escape my cell I’ll need to defeat a minotaur in order to find my friends. Then we can aid each other in our quest to regain our humanity and spread the Bikini & ugg boot trend. Once I find out where I actually am I may also try to return home for that coronation. Other than the goal of co-op trading humanity in order to use the magic box to nolonger grind. I think I’ll hunt skeletal sorcerer’s heads to trade with Mr Snuggly the Crow for a ghost ring. Next slay giant skeletons, seeking a giant skeletal sword. With that and Frog’s “running really fast” strategy I should be able to reach the dwarven skeleton in his forge and gain a firebrand. Hrm, I’m starting to see a theme here and it starts with “S”.

Well the notes from Frog certainly help, now I jest need some allies. This really is a dark world.