Friday, August 2, 2013

Musings on a replacement car #7

So I have a new car now

Since starting to look around January I was able to save up $19k.
In that time I maybe saw three cars that fit my criteria (one I determined it) of:
USB stereo – to avoid annoying CD’s and lack of radio reception
Hatchback – to fit bike/swag/kiteboard
>=2.0l engine – because apparently less than that is not practical
Automatic – because I’m a lazy driver

Then I found one in Bundy that fit the bill, though it lacks USB and is an unfortunate burgundy (reddish) colour. I wasn’t patient enough to pass this opportunity up.
I possibly could have blogged about my dealings with Gordon at BMG, but the week was too busy. In brief…
20th aug, had fast internet again an checked it before going to the beach for a swim, found the car and emailed inquiry
22nd test drive
23rd had a chat to Wayne Dionysius because he recently bought a car, and organised with Geoff Sampson.
24th went for a second test drive with Geoff, enjoyed the car a bit more this time.
25th RACQ pre-purchase inspection, noted the car has damage to the rear bumper, not structural.
26th Agreed to sell my car for a mere $700, got the extra warranty for 1k (default 3 year, seemed pointless)
Net changeover of $17,000 because I wanted an even number.
-note the dealer said I was insured for 14 days but I went to RACQ straight away because it was simpler
30th collected car at lunchtime
Went to RACQ to transfer my insurance and found the car wasn’t insured on the drive from the dealership.
My insurance went up ~$100 per year and I changed the excess from $500 to $1000. But my membership went down because of the dealer warranty overlapping with the roadside assist.
Still not sure of the total on-road-costs, and need to see howlong a tank of fuel lasts.
31st Got some floormats and a dashcover, $70.

Still to come:
What’s involved in upgrading the stereo?
Test answering a phonecall with the Bluetooth thing
Anime seat covers, may need to order from Japan?
Considering getting a aeroplane compass, so that I can be retro and use a compass bearing to not get lost. A GPS requires electricity and a cheap compass points to things like the transmission, rather than north.
Incidentally a phone mount may be a decent Idea, can then use mine as a GPS, suppose I should look into the rules for that.
A CB Radio was also a possibility for next time I go on a road trip, enabling inter-car communication.
Seems I could get a power socket in the boot, but a car fridge would set me back a further thousand dollars.
Replacing the 18” unidirectional mags that have curb rash with some (considerably cheaper) higher profile tires. Possibly like those of a HOLDEN VE Series II OMEGA, because that seems to be what the police patrol cars usually are. I will be sacrificing apparent handling for better off-road performance and pothole protection. (Stud pattern is 5/114.3 dunno the profile I'd want.)
Should find the specifications manual too.
Does my Bike really fit?
Kiteboard fits across the back seats, otherwise they need to be down to fit it in lengthways.
May be able to get Cameron Middas to make a linoleum bucket thing for the boot to protect the car and contain bike grease/beach sand.

Still doesn’t look like Ben’s car. I really did know a lot about my old commodore and exactly how it handled and when to use the accelerator/brake. For example it felt like my commodore would launch up into the air when going 60kph east over the racecourse roundabout, while this car doesn’t even notice it. I haven’t yet got the confidence to drive in the curb three times when going past the 5-ways roundabout on the way to work.