Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Berserk: The Cataclysm: A review

Berserk cataclysm: Is just now out of beta. It’s a deck building game where the fun is in creating your card deck. I’ve sunk $10 into it making me one of the pay to win players . Tony got me into playing it and over the last week I think I have had it online the entire time I have been home. I wouldn’t say I have “played” the game for 30 hours but I will say the only competition for my time was an occasional FWOTD in LOL&WoT. One of my main goals is to beat VRBones’s swamp regeneration deck. The mountain card I got in the welcome pack can do this but not reliably. All the cards have a similar ability so once there are three of then there are quickly 8 and all doing 5+ damage per hit. But often I lose having only got one card on the field, a prime example of Snowball Strategy.

I wanted to have an undead deck so I could play with Leviathan from the research tree. But the neutral cards looked good too and the only way to get them was from the standard booster. So I only spent my silver there and ended up with a half decent deck of every colour. Now that I have been at it for a bit I’d like more quicker cards, as they can beat both my snowball deck and VRBones’s healing deck. Other than that in spite of my snowball deck I prefer the cards that stand alone and don’t rely on any other cards around them.

Now that I found out what the second tier of the tower does my strategy is to gain as much interest as possible from my lands and use it to get cards from the standard deck until the next game update.

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