Friday, June 15, 2012

King of Alcohol

Kings shouldn't drink wine or have a craving for alcohol. If they drink they would forget the laws of the land and ignore the rights of the people who are in need.
Alcohol is for the miserable, for those who are dying. Let them drink alcohol and in doing so forget all their pain and poverty. They will be happy then, for a while.

Kings who drink to much will always be full of sorrow. They will be miserable and each drink will make the kingdom poorer. Such a King causes no end of trouble, loudly complaining about everything. He will stumble and fall down stairs, where a sober man would have no trouble climbing mountains and remain safe. Such a King has bloodshot and bleary eyes. Drums pound in his ears, waking him in the dead of night.

So don't let Beer tempt you even though it glows like gold and is freely shared by friends. Bottles of wine will beg you to open them, their rich red nectar sparkles in your cup. The dregs of the bottle will call out "Only one more drop! May as well finish me off!"

A King who gives into these taunts will regret the morning.His eyes will deceive him and his tongue will swell up and trying to choke him. The ground will move beneath his feet like the stern of a ship. Such a weak King will be seasick on dry land.

A King shouldn't drink spirits or have a craving for alcohol. Leave it for the poor and miserable, let them make foolish decisions and wallow in self pity. A sober King knows what he does and why, he remembers everything that happened the night before and wakes early in the morning refreshed, ready for the new day.