Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leaving Home

Usually on setting out on a journey I’ll do a last minute check of things that are absolutely essential. First I check that my arms ar attached, then I use my arms to make sure my legs are there. Next, do I have a smile and a dynamic personality. Good, all set.

But then there are some things I may like on the journey. So I’ll pat my pockets, keys are good to lock the house with/ start the car, plastic money lets me interact with merchants and I get paid to carry my phone.

This weekend though for example when I left for church I realized I had locked my phone in the house “Oh well” I though “I doubt anybody would call me anyway”. Then on the way home I bought some groceries, with my plastic money. So these things are a little helpful when out and about in order to interact with society. But being happy healthy and whole is far more important.