Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who are you? Who do you intend to be?

Somebody asked me a week ago: Who are you?
a simple question but I was stumped for a way to respond.
There is no way to explain myself except by the relations I have to those around me, to the things I have or have done and my plans for the future. These are the things that can define a person. But that didn't really help me answer the question, and it got me thinking seriously about the future...

I’m not really sure of myself at the moment. Who am I? I recall that Tsun Tsu says: Know yourself and you will prevail most half of the time, Know yourself and your enemy and you will prevail most of the time. But if you neither know yourself nor your enemy most of your endeavors will fail before you start. So what do I want? What are my goals? I already have ten steps but that is more about the how, the journey to the endpoint not that actual goal.

For goals it may be something like:
Share luxuries
Be efficient
Look after myself and be physically. emotionally, spiritually. mentally fit
Recover from challenges and have fun whilst being ashamed of nothing that I do or am.

Be prepared and train just in case I am sucked into an alternate reality like Tokidoki (anime Amatsuki) or Fry from Futurama. I want a flexible skill set that will enable me to survive in an alien culture with no possessions. (As an aside I like Tokidoki  because his super power is ignorance, he can be anything he thinks he can be).

Nope, that’s still for "along the way" things.

As a near term goal I suppose I should have another look at learning new language in preparation for whatever communication forms I need to learn in the future. Or maybe just talking to people who don’t speak much English would suffice?
A long term goal would be to get to heaven, but I’m not in any hurry for that. And the keys to heaven lie is how I do what I do not what I do. Plus there is the whole saved by grace through faith thing.

Which reminds me of a song:
Do what you do do well boy,
Do what you do do well.
If you do what you do do well, boy.
Then you’ll do well.

But in the meantime what type of job do I want? Where do I want to live? Shall I buy a dog? Shall I wear my urban camo or my denim Jeans? Shall I make spag bog for tea or spaghetti and meatballs? It’s so easy to just do the same thing as I did yesterday and be like a door swinging on its hinge, going back and forward but never getting anywhere. Where can I find improvements? and how to I become, as Rock Lee says “Stronger than I was yesterday.”? (Shuppuuden episode 28: The Resurrected Beasts. Clip)

Writing things down does make ideas settle, just like adding a bit of gelatin to a cheesecake. I think I am in a better position now to guess what I am thinking and thus predict what actions I may take in the future.