Thursday, June 14, 2012

Multicultural society? or a Multicultural person?

Is Australia really a multicultural society? recently at SYNOD the evening entertainment was supposedly multicultural but it felt more like "here is a select representation of an alien culture for you your viewing pleasure". Are we not then just a host of isolated cultures that occasionally interact? I'm told that locally most of the doctors in town are of Sri Lankan heritage and that most of the Main Roads department originated from Nepal.

Wouldn't it be better to be like this Wolverines song?
"There's a little bit of outback in everybody here tonight"
and have an indistinguishable culture?

For this specific reason I enjoy making my Indian curries with Beef and Greek Yogurt. Maybe this is why I feel Australian when I hang around foreigners? Then I wore my Drizabone when I went to Nepal and several Auzzies came and said G'Day They recognized it as one of the few things that are uniquely Australian. Maybe I should get some Ugg Boots too?