Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moldova, really?

My blog receives a few peculiar stats. Apparently my mentions of the Anscombe quartet and normal distribution rank high enough on Google search that people have looked at those pages. I also seem to be not the only one that thought a “Gold Sniffing Fox” was funny. Also my posts about fixing PC issues seem to be a little bit helpful. I have recently been linked to by, not really sure why.

There are the default spam referrals from Russia, so my name cant sound Russian enough to get normal people looking at it for that reason. Another interesting country is Moldova. 13 times it seems somebody from Moldova has been interested in my blog. The only other 13 is from the website. It may be a connection but I’m really not sure.

The majority of hits though look like they are all my own. Not terribly surprising as it is my homepage, it’s a lot easier to press Ctrl+n and then click on something that to type it into the search bar.