Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anoikis's Warband: 1 An introduction

Anoikis's Warband

an AAR for M&B: Warband: Blood and steel, primarily to find out who Anoikis is.

I grew up in the lands of Cimmeria, of the line of Conan the Cunning. Why did I leave my home? To seek new lands of course, to find new techniques, To discover new ways to excel. To define myself.

I trekked through the alps to reach the country of the Vaegirs. They were a little surprised to see me in a bikini and Ugg boots. I think that is why somebody in town attacked me on sight, lack of dress sense. At any rate I think i surprised him more then I used my greatsword to split his left from right. Actually I surprised myself a little too. Then some dude can rushing at me from the other direction so I took a swing at him, but instead of disconnecting his head he talked to me.

Turns out I made a friend and got a job. What a nice person. He didnt seems to think my dress sence was that horriffic. Maybe he was impressed that I didnt mind the cold. Well back in chimmeria the snow is much colder than here and the blizzards can rip the flesh from your verry bones. I think I'll keep the bikini & Ugg boot look to show the natives how tough I am. Next was a tavern, apparently that is where I can find people to help my with my new job.

Nobody was there, Oh well onto the next town.

There were a few preople here a woman named Klethi was looking for work so I signed her on. That was easy, she wanted 200 up front, it was probably to buy ugg boots like mine. There is also a traveller taking a break in the back corner. I grilled him about everything I could. seems there are book merchants around, definately something to look into, whatever they are. The shops also had some Cannons and Jezzail. No idea what they are looks like I will get to learn how to heal lots of different wounds in these lands. Now I need to get some. To keep my practice up of course, nothing like first hand experience.

There is a tournement in town. Seems I can beat up a few of the locals without anybody getting killed. Bonus. Also I can practice in an areana. I think I'll have a go there first and see if they fight different to what I am used to.

There was a little house in the middle of the arena and I stood in there are whalloped people that came inside. simple enough. Seems a decent way to practice my skills although I imagine the tournament will make me famous as there were not a lot of good fighters around.

Well all in all the tourny was simpler than I thoguht it would be, and I got the chance to heal up between bouts. Well that was fun onto the next one I suppose, I still need 5 more people to help out my mate the merchant. Maybe the girls att he pub will be inclined to have a go? I should ask them.

So after picking up a bunch of gals, we trundelled of to see the merchants brother. the rouges who kisnaped him were no match for our crossbows, and I had a turn of the Jezzail. I beleive it is some form of rifle. On the way back I got a little sidetracked and visited a few more towns. I had just decided to return to the nive merchant to make sure his brother got home OK when I happened upon another tournament. Snap, staying here for a while. Then I went to the bar to check out the local scene before the match and there was another sheela Matheld who wanted to tag along with me. Also in the pub were some mercs for hire, These ones were nearly wearing as little armor as me. So far it has been an all girl party in the lands of Caldeira