Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pee Curry

Pee Curry

Dice an onion, cook until soft
Add 250g Diced Beef
Cook until sealed
As an alternative to oil use butter. As an alternative to butter use Avocado. But using Vegemite is a bad idea.

A quarter of a pineapple
Half a Pumpkin

Add spices:
Black Pepper
White Pepper

When spices are mixed evenly over the meat and the onion is brown add the pineapple and Pumpkin.

Attempt to stirfy untill most of the moisture is gone.

Turns out that i should have pre cooked the pumpkin a bit, so today I will have to stew it in the curry. So..

Add 400g of tomato from a tin + 1 diced real tomato.
half a cup of coconut
Quarter a cup of sultanas
cup of yoghurt
cup of water to bulk it up, more tomato in a tin would have been better.