Saturday, September 3, 2011


Anoikis started off as a guild in Warhammer age of reckoning (Anoikis's Saints). I wanted to have a healer nearby and they were rather hard to find. So I decided to be a healer myself.
At one of the PQs in the city my goblin shaman ended up being the tank for the party as well as the healer. That was fun.
I figured the guild should have some sort of a theme as well as focusing on healing. and I liked fighting the undead so that is what I did.

Further to that I have in the past commented that necromancers arn't really all that bad they are just friendly OCD Healers who don't want  to be left alone. All they really do is make new friends.

And so Anoikis became focused on healing and being healthy.

The reason I chose this word was because PCD (Programmed Cell Death) dosn't sound like a name and necrosis is specifically uncalled for and not desirable. but PCD is what I was after.

"death is a kind of healing too"
"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"
are to phrases that i bandied about for a while.

Apoptosis was similar to PCD and a possible name but it doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, Then I found that a type of apoptosis is called Anoikis. I thought this is a terrific name.With lots of interesting letters and something that not many people are likely to use. Turns out that its a Greek word that sort of means homelessness, this relates to the mechanics of how it is PCD but I doubt most people will care. I like to think of Anoikis as the opposite of necrosis.

Since Anoikis is fairly new he hasn't gotten out much but he was a duel classed healer necromancer in Depths of Peril. Hmm I may need to find a new RPG to find out more about Anoikis.