Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spineless Curry

Spiceless curry for those who don't like their curry spicy. I could call it "My First Curry" I suppose.

1 onion diced
4 cloves of garlic diced
Add to a pot and cook until supple.

Add 500g of diced beef to the pot and cook until it starts to seal

Add spices, a teaspoon or two each of:
Garam Masala

Side note: If you don't know anybody with gluten intolerance, put all these spices in a Tupperware container with the meat and a tablespoon of flour and shake vigorously to coat the meat. This way all the spice stays on the meat.

Mix the spices through the meat for a bit. once it all looks even and is getting cooked..

Add tomatoes, preferable without skin, the skin gets stuck in your teeth and is hot.
I'm adding 800g of diced tomatoes from a tin + some from the garden.

Add also one cup of dessicated coconut. It complements the cardamon nicely and takes the edge off the acidity of the tomatoes.

Make sure this is all a little wet and soupy so that you can get all the burnt bits off the bottom of the saucepan.

Wait for 30min or so for the meat to stew. If its looking really soupy remove the lid.
Use this time to prepare the rice if you are having that as a side.
Then clean up everything else while the rice and curry is cooking.

I've lost my camera so there are no pictures this time :( my phone camera is really dodgee.