Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Berzerk the Cataclysm: Deck strategy

Mostly I have been getting the standard booster pack, hoping for more mercenary cards. I figure I should get one useful card for every 20,000 that I spend. For me that is usually UR or SR without the assassin trait (or with less than 4 crystals).

Then I built a deck of each type, trying to minimize then number of low level cards. I decided each increment from C < F < R < SR < UR < P is roughly the same, so replacing a common hero with a frequent hero gives roughly the same improvement to the deck as replacing an Ultra Rare with a Promo level card. That said I like fire, rage and vampire and I don’t like formation, direct strike or assassin.

For my castle defense I have a snowball deck, it either wins or loses dramatically. I like to keep 5 or so barbarians and only have 2 people defending. Hopefully this encourages other players to think I am AFK and then they will attack me. Otherwise just waiting for income is rather dull.

For attacking barbarians and defending I like my dark deck. Often my two item cards land next to each other and so thirst is nothing like the debuff that I thought it would be. If I made a third dark deck it would have only C and F cards, so I haven’t used it. When I need a three card deck I go with more mountains.

Mostly though I’d recommend people just bake the best out of the cards they are dealt. My prime dark deck is still better at fighting swamp decks than the one with all the swamp assassins. So aim for leveling up you cards and one day you will have enough to start thinking about strategy rather than sheer power & speed. Or you could build a deck like this for funnies, even though it loses a lot. To this end I’d like a fire only deck because I don’t really know what fire cards do.

Although no matter how much you want a card you only have something like 8 in 300 chance of getting it. I don’t know the exact numbers but of the 600 available cards some you only get as achievements/quests/gift ~10; Some useless cards from the basic booster ~40; Then maybe 250 standard cards and 300 real money cards.

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