Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bum Damage

A while back we had a couple of sojourns in the church hall, with no internet or anything. Titan quest was one of the games that saw a bit of action. I’ve forgotten exactly who found it but it defiantly was a legitimate find, This ring really changed the way we played the game. The 100% item requirement reduction meant that the person with the ring had a lot more flexibility. Then just look at all the other bonuses it gives. This ring was the reason I installed the TQ vault. While there was a duplication glitch with the trade that gave us a couple of extras I really didn’t want to lose this find. With two of these rings the rest of normal difficulty was a breeze, but I saw that as a good thing as on normal difficulty you are limited in what abilities can be used and there is much less variety in the game.
 It really looks like we cheated doesn't it :) I'm glad we never lost the item. Joseph called it the Bum damage ring but zooming in on the screenshot I now see it really does say Burn Damage.