Monday, August 31, 2015

Kicked the bucket list

Nicole asked me a while ago if I have a bucket list, I had one but I think everything got crossed off already, almost. Must mean that its time ti update my ten steps

Well dollar a meal rations still ongoing, so luxuries shared now includes meat as well as coffee alcohol, potato chips and antipasto. Mostly this seems OK.

Well as far a plans go I think I’ve completed every milestone I’ve aimed at and overcome every challenge God has put before me with the exception of filling a quiver with arrows. Currently there is nothing I really want to add to my bucket list. So I suppose I just reiterate old milestones and aim to improve skill and efficiency.

I really am sick of returning home to a big empty house and want to have somebody else to at least fill up a spare room. Current proposal is free board is somebody cleans for me. But I don’t really want to advertise as that wasted a lot of my tile previously.

New computer games, and guitar is coming along OK and presenting many challenges. I don’t think it’s something I can finish getting better at. So it’s merely a matter of how many hours I spend with Elva.

Can almost do a handstand, seems that before that is reliable I’ll be able to go into a bridge. Handstand walking is a long way off. Next step in Kitesurfing is backrolls. I can jump reliably either direction and change tack mid air no worries. My rations I think have made me leaner but now that I’ve been eating vegetables I’ve still got plenty of energy. Trying to survive on instant ramen noodles was a terrible idea. This reminds me of the book [Lucifers Hammer] and in hindsight could be the reason this winter was cold.

Leading a bible study has almost got me back into reading the bible which is nice. Since we are working chronologically I’ve been reading it like a novel, rather than a chapter a day.

I think this is always the hardest category to come to terms with and thus I have the least I want to say about it. Which I suppose means I have room to grow and I should share more with my friends. After all a good friend is somebody who has a lot of knives and could easily stab you in the back and yet they don’t. I think if I got engaged next week my best men would be Josh and Tony and I’d have to invite Stephan and the Parfits along with the Doohans, aside from family of course.

Well I survived the 15k cane to coral run without any adverse effects this year. And it was fun running with Marc and the reservists plus the 160pushups. I didn’t enjoy working on the Rovema installation in packaging, mostly due to a lack of communication and not getting a chance to actually test and commission any of my programming. Nothing else springs to mind at the moment.

I really cant say I have had a lot of fun this last ten months or so Partially being cold and slightly ill due to winter. Social events I’ve tried to organise have generally been half as effective as I’d hoped and my house felt lonely. But I really don’t like to complain so sacrifices and compromises have to be maid to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Only really ashamed of my lack of progress and sour attitude. In reality I’ve overcome a lot of challenges and been able to debrief at least with myself to see that things went about as smoothly as they could have gone with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. I think I have done a pretty good job of being meek lately. Then again that’s really hard to qualify and define. Thus the reason I’ve aimed for Meekness.

More * More
Weeeelll ….
Boardgames and co-op computers
Electric Bass Guitar; In a band, Blues riffs, walking bass and Rocksmith
Save for next overseas holiday
Whatever happened to camping? I havent been bush in ages.
Spend so much time in the surf and the sun that my belly never hangs over my belt.
Youtube tongue twisters in alternate languages.
House paid off in 2020
Be the most Meek.
Sell a computer game that I helped make.
Handstand walking + wall flips.
And then [This] I wanted started by last Christmas

Find some girl
  • Computer games camping beach, dance.
  • She can worry about insurance, tax, medical, bills and stuff.
  • At 31 married
  • At 35 house would be paid off. Some children (Dad will be 62, year 2020)
  • At 40, retired to spend time with kids, run my own business / pastor / musician
  • At 53, 18yo children
  • At 65, settle down, sell home produce, booze and computer games, ready for grand kids. (Dad will be 92, year 2050)
  • Will I have grand kids at an age younger than Dad?
  • I probably won’t be the oldest kitesurfer, computers and games are tax deductible, still play the bass at church.
All in all I reckon I can cope with a bit of time travel even now. I’m prepared to be unprepared and with the help of God no challenge will be insurmountable