Monday, August 31, 2015

Shedmen 4th September

I’ve put some words together for Shedmen at my place on the 4th September. I’ve avoided listing any arguments/pro/con/bible verses. First I have some dot points ill talk around then I’ll mention what the concept actually is and I’ll maybe add the bit about tradition. We have not had much theological debate at Shedmen lately and I’m not that keen to talk about my like so I thought to start something heavy instead. So what do youse think? 

Women’s ordination.

  • Back when I went Baptist the Calvinistic double pre-destination was a big deal. But mostly us of uni student age were sick of the argument and didn’t think it actually effected day-to day life. Some people are predestined for Heaven. Some predestined for Hell.
  • Been an ongoing issue for a while 1932 in Canada.
  • I think that because we are human we like to disagree, there will always be something to argue about and something that causes division within the church. It’s one of the tools the devil uses to attack us. Just like in the Screwtape letters by CS Lewis.
  • I believe pastors conference earlier this year decided that they were unable to advise SYNOD what the Lutheran church should do. That is to say theologically they were not confident enough that the bible is for or against women’s ordination.
  • This has been an issue of discussion in our church for more than 10 years I think. Every so often it’s put to the vote that the LCA will allow ordination of women, but they need more than ~70% of people to vote yes. I wonder if as a church we vote yes this year, would it go to the vote again at the next SYNOD to take away all the women pastors?
  • Another story I’m reminded of is when the Israelites asked Solomon to give them a king, they nagged enough that eventually God said yes.
  • Also in Australia I believe that the only occupation not available to women is being a priest of the Catholics or a Pastor of the Lutherans. But by the same token churches have an anti-antidiscrimination allowance in federal law. This is how we can discriminate against Muslims and not allow them to partake in Holy Communion.
  • It’s not merely a question about gender equality, I’m a mathematician. Given 12ab=3a, therefore 4=a. Ergo gernder equality can be acheived by removing the difference and nolonger acknowledging anybodies gender.

Finally what does it even mean?
Given that a lay worker like Wayne Dionysius can get away with almost everything.
Women, humans what have a uterus, wouldn’t say boobs cause seems some blokes have them now.
Ordination, process of consecration for the performance of religious rites and ceremonies
i.e. only a Pastor can Baptise, consecrate Holy Communion and ordain more clergy.

From the LCA website:
Pastors are part of Christ’s plan for his church and he himself instituted the office of the ministry as a gift to the church. This is a distinct ministry which complements the discipleship and service of the whole church.
The pastors’ role in the Body of Christ is to feed and lead congregations and communities through the ministries of preaching and teaching God’s Word and administering the Sacraments—baptism and the Lord’s Supper. In fulfilling this ministry they are involved in various tasks: preaching, leading public worship, teaching, visiting and giving pastoral care.
They are ordained (placed into this office) according to Scripture and the practice of the apostles, and called by Christ, through his church, to serve in various ministry contexts in the Lutheran Church of Australia, including New Zealand.
Pastors serve in a variety of ministry contexts in the church. While the majority of pastors still serve parishes and congregations, some also work in school ministry, chaplaincy or in special roles in overseas missions.
The role of pastor in Christ’s Church is a servant role. Pastors exercise humble servant leadership, representing and imitating Christ himself by placing the needs and welfare of those they serve first.

They are called to receive and work with the guidance and direction of the LCA College of Bishops, accepting their leadership in ministry. [Link]

Tradition Vs Traditionalism 
From my dictionary
"Tradition is that body of practice and belief which is socially transmitted from the past. It is regarded as having authority in the present simply because it comes from the past, and encapsulates the wisdom and experience of the past. For some, the very idea of tradition is anathema. It is characteristic of modernity to reject the authority of the past in favour of the present deployment of reason, unencumbered by tradition or prejudice. While prior to the seventeenth century tradition was largely unquestioned as a source of insight, and in need of no defence, since the Enlightenment the notion of tradition has been defended by traditionalists such as Burke and, more recently, Hayek. Upon inspection, however, traditionalism, if not indefensibly irrational, turns out to be a demonstration of the overlooked rationality contained within traditions. Traditions often turn out upon inspection to be not so much irrational as subtle and flexible deployments of reason in particular spheres."

When Dad gets home from work mum has the Table set and dinner ready and mum always cooks and cleans.
We do this because my grandfather did and his grandfather before him, its right and proper and the way things are always done.
Why not change: old habits die hard, if it at broke …
Dad knows how to cook and clean from when he went to uni. But he is terrible at it; dinner would be late and warm baked beans on burnt toast is not very appetising. But mum got taught how to bake biscuits by her grandma and they are way better than anything in the stores.
Why note change: There is a meaningful story behind it all and I like it better this way.