Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rahab to Ruth

Read Judges this arvo, sort of following parallel to [The Story], which is a link I had not previously used. Anyway thought I'd stop at Ruth to see where in time I'm supposed to be. But first quickly checked Matthew as that was a name I recognized.
Hang on, I read Joshua last week, isn't that like 300 years in the past, surely that's not the same Rahab? Apparently I was correct on all accounts Though these two sheilas are a generation apart they span some 300 years. Well I suppose Joshua was 110, maybe Rahab was a 12yo prostitute? After reading about the Benjamites, well worse things have happened.

Found another genealogy chronology with heaps of stuff.
You will have to follow this [Link] to be able to read any of that.

so you have this
then six generation later get
Who married Rahab, who is the mother in law of Ruth, King Davids grandma?