Tuesday, August 25, 2015

4 month Recap


Has been a while, just like [Levi], [Tony], [Beth], [Alice] and [Andreas]. We get motivated for a while then distracted.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve not done anything noteworthy in the pasy year, I have not felt like ben much. A few times ive asked myself am I here doing this because I actually want to? Or am I obligated? Or is it just a habit that I have?

But I have achieved a lot of things, in fact everything. A while ago Nicole asked me if I had a bucket list, Well I did have one but I think everything has been crossed off. Except for having a quiver full of arrows. That came up again recently from watching “Smarter every day” on YouTube [Psalm 127].

Our bible study is probably coming across my probably favourite bible verse soon, Joshua 1:9 do not be terrified, do not be afraid for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you shall go. Also I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. I suppose that’s how I’ve accomplished everything I’ve set out to do, God has blessed those endeavours, certainly not by my strength lest I boast, but by the grace of my God have I achieved these things.

So yes, while I have put pen to paper a couple of times I’ve not hit the publish button. And what remains is to find somebody to keep me warm at night. Certainly has been a cold winter this season and I’ve found myself wearing trousers more often than not. I’ve keen for a bear skinned summer [Link], when I started to lean on the bass I spent most of my sessions standing in the middle of the lounge in just my undies wondering if the TV would think I was playing naked.

So where am I at now? What small things have been left undone? What storms have I been though that ended up residing in a cup of Earl Grey [Link]? How have I set out to be a better Ben [Link]?

I’ve usually got a few notes of what I’m currently up to in game. And looking back through my to do list there are a lot of games unfinished that I’m not currently having fun with but may go back to soonish or maybe at Christmas.

Speaking of which I wonder how I should spend my long service leave? Sometimes I feel like this blog shoulnt have as much private into on it, sometimes I figgure nobody reads it anyway. At least I have a little control on what I put here other that facebook.


Debonair Limbo, for Spy missions, exterminate, capture: Try map unlocks
Massochistic Nekro survival/excavation for potatoes/nurodes
Grinder to Host sab tower, 4 peeps should get my shade levelled up again
Playing as a gundam is also fun.
But the main reason I’ve stuck with this is so that I’d have a good support character in case we have another bash at it for a few Sojourns.


Quick levelling is done through hard(ish) questing.
Run quests at my level, or 5 levels higher.
Cat needs skill points to be a better thief to get cash to increase lootbags and movespeed.
AnOCD, needs public dungeons to level up undaunted for the bone shield / bound armour
Heal, shield, aoe heal, buff, buff, ult
Was good fun for a couple of weeks playing with Josh after my birthday. But I only know 2 people who currently have the game and at $80 price tag I’d be more inclined to recommend new people try GW2 or RAR, as they are both more friendly to new players. ESO is just too generic and too single player.


Still has novel ideas though it’s a bit buggy and a bit dated now.
I was playing it back in 2007, for a year or so until I decided against subscription model games.
Organic: Green machine, ye olde healer to play with Josh, maybe a little like Anoikis. As this was my first main healing character. I remember I only started playing as a healer/support because they were so hard to find ingame and the only way to reliably group with a healer was to play one. I also ended up naming most of my characters after complex chemistry, because all the names I tried were already taken. I should not have this problem anymore.
Here be a yoyo healer, built for teamwork
Need a second character incase I wish to play without Josh/Levi, maybe I should roll another healer then?
Skyzer the chaotic spinning dual wielding buff/debuffer Disciple of Kaine. I vaguely remember doing this previously and having fun in a group of three where each of us had chosen a different mastery path. Apparently this class has very good 1v1 survivability.

DawnOfWar II

And then following on from RAR, this got Levinathan and myself back into Co-Op Retribution which now had both acheivements and cards. Anoikis has gotten a fair bit of a workout lately, so I had to go and find [This] old forum post which ties into [That] old intro which I've recently updated here:
  • "The Psychosomatic Anoiki’s abilities centre around the restoration of life. Whether or not the patient was living in the first place. Known in some circles as “Saint Anoiki the Axe” or merely “An OCD Healer” Anoiki sets out not to be good or a hero but often ends up that way. Given a penchant for necromancy and a desire to make friends Anoiki may be found to take things a little too literally. But when the opportunity arises would much rather heal the living than animate the skeletons of the deceased. Thus assumptions about Anoiki’s evil nature often result in Anoiki taking the role of an Anti-Villain. Taking whatever friends can be found in the beginning but when it all comes out in the wash Anoiki would prefer to heal everybody rather than hurt anybody. Though there are times that the suffix “the Axe” becomes readily apparent, very red and apparent. If everybody is healthy and whole then no healing can be practiced, and if you want to get better then practice practice practice."
Ergo grabbing the terminator armor, prefferably for 4 squads and priotitising health then melee, losing as many battles as possible to ensure we cap all the points of interest.


Not using cash for much, need to search for a new droid to patch me up and a scanner from the black holes. Proceed as normal; questing and saving systems. May be able to tackle 10 ships on my own now, and I suppose I should begin building up a fleet. A fleet will be my new replacement source of experience now that my charisma has fallen. I was going to rely on my charisma to get people to join me but they did not seem to keen anyway. I’m also curious about the ships available to the pirates. Apparently one of them is extremely fast. Also change race to human, probably the only time I will be a human character.

Aim still to be an evil pirate with a fleet of minions. Mainly keeping the Shadow of the Empire. On a subsequent play through I may try out the fast pirate ships and switch teams. But not now. So I need to persist with the blackholes to locate robots. And it is probably time to capture coalition systems rather than fight the dominators. First I suppose I can take all the military bases.

Currently only have half technology so I should be able to use blackholes a lot to travel, Thus I don’t really need the black goo. I’m not too fussed about recovering things from the dominators as I’ve seen much better equipment in the black holes and I can now effectively search them. I wonder if I should try to get maxed skills this play through?  Well I need tech and commander to make the best use of this ship. And that will set me up well for late game. Then I may want to use my XP to upgrade my robots instead.
Another goal is to upgrade my ship, which will require a huge amount of cash. Easiest method for that is the dominator planet recovery battles, main question thee is whether it makes and difference if I get the upgrade at a science or pirate station.

Might be able to just win but I would rather be a pirate,


Possible Wednesday orchestra? Ask Lyn Duldig for details and music
Blues chords/ walking bass lines. To play songs sans sheet music.
Play for fun not practice
New coloured stickers for 7 notes
Have heaps of free DLC from [Custom Forge] now, generally I'll get 70% accuracy on the first play through but I still really need the instructions when playing in church. Thats where a bass riff would come in. They can fit on any song, making me essentially a drummer, maintaining the pace and backbeat.


Last year or so has been a bit of a different struggle. Bills (particularly council rates) have been increasing faster than my pay. Finally at Christmas 2014 I was able to get my shower properly repaired, then had to replace all 4 of my car tyres because they had gone too flat for too long. So that put a rather large dent in my savings.
I’d also recently got into a habit of eating packaged meals as they were simple and quick. Though I had not realised how expensive they were. Say around $10 per meal and 20 meals in a month $200 per month on dinner. In January sometime I realised this and found some blogs with how to live on $1 USD per day. Therefore subsequently switched to cereal for dinner and meatless pasta for lunch, I have not recorded this religiously but:

1kg musley at $5, use about 100g per meal = $15 per month
1L milk at $1, lasts about the same so, = $3 per month
frozen stir fry at $0.3 per 100g
Pasta at $0.3 per 100g
+ Oil, salt, spices = $0.60 per meal, $18 per month
One of the above two, occasionally rice. Say $12 for 20 days.
Then the other ~10 evening meals I’ll have visitors or may eat meat.and that may be $40 for a single evening.
Ergo my base food expenditure has been ~$58 per month all year.

Other than food I spend my cash on:
Homeloan repayments
Charity (10% of income to church + Humble bundle)

Finance is the past... Seems from 2009 till mid 2014:
Holidays in 2009 and 2014 overseas cost me a bit ~$5k each
New car in 2013, will have saved me cash in repairs compared to the Commodore.
PC in 2009, kite in 2012 & 2014 other than that I’ve spent less than $1000 per year on myself.

Other than, other than that:
On average Bills have increased $2000 per year
On average Pay has increased $2000 per year
On average spending $14,000 via credit card, primarily food and petrol
Last year received $49969.83 in pay, after tax.

And yet I still really don’t have the cash to splash on alcohol or Kitesurfing gear. So my cheapest entertainment remains going home to play computer games. All the infrastructure is already in place and the ongoing cost is already incorporated into my bills.

Kind of makes my social life dull though. Recently through church people have highlighted what happens to "shut ins" and there was an interesting interview a while back about a girl in the states. Initially she got noticed due to an online rant about how hard it was to get ahead. A small lack of funds can quickly turn into a large lack of funds that is nearly impossible to recover from. Just this week I heared another story of a homeless man who found thousands of dolers in cash, turned it into police, then the local community raised even more cash to honor his morality and he turned it down as he wanted a job not handouts.


Would you beleive that i wrote this sometime back in March? Whilst I mostly remembered how to dance and picked up the steps without too much hassle; Totally forgotten what social outings are like:
There were wallflowers, some on purpose some not.
Some people were inappropriately dressed or did not put any effort in. For me the first half was fairly blurry and then I was focussing on faces, mayhap I should have been trying to chat up the girls with low cut blouse and miniskirts.
There were groups of people than knew each other well and a few like me that barely knew anybody. At times I’ve sought out the lonely and empathised with them or otherwise been inclusive. But this time I mostly just asked the closest girl when the dances were starting and talked to whoever my partner was at the end of each set.
And then for a Christian event there seemed to be very few people actually going to church in the following morning. The Towoomba spring ball is now only a fortnight away and I'm pretty keen to see if I can get my grove on again. This time I'm actually a little organised and knew it was coming up [Link] yay for FB.

 And one final tunish [Link] made me want to drive my car to work on Thursdays. This is pretty much the least amout of wordsmithing I've dont to a blog post for ages. Hopefully its readible enough that I wont get confuzzled in a year or so or whenever I look back at it. Magically the font and line spacing seems to change. I should halve edited this in HTMS and linked all the sub headings.