Sunday, March 1, 2015

Curry: been a while

Lost a bit of confidence in my cooking over the last year, and motivation. But weekly bible studies have been good for that. I cant recall the last time I made a curry and was pleased with it so this should be interesting. Testing it on Josh pre vampire. Will be a quick curry cooked in the saucepan as opposed to the crock pot.

Teaspoon of each spice added into a tupperware container with half a cup of flour and 500g diced beef. Get that all shook up for an even coating.

Dice onions, cookingthem to a golsen brown with oil in a sause pan.

Then at a high heat attempt to sear the spiced meat, sealing all the juices in, but not burning the onion.

Oce the meat is mostly sealed, turn to the lowwest heating and add tomatoes cream and an extra tablespoon of olive oil. Then make the rice.

Hrm, looks almost entirely like milky tomatoe soup.