Friday, November 7, 2014

By Xmas

Whenever somebody complains about Monday/work or asks me what I want to do with my life. I end up thinking, So why aren’t I doing this now?

If money was no object and I had all the time in the world then by Christmas I would…
Be good enough at Kitesurfing to join the Olympics in 2016, not win just participate.
Organise Aurore to tour me around Europe, see an orchestra/opera like it was 1805.
Put a game of my own making on steam (via humble bundle) and sell more copies than I have friends. Ie its good enough that strangers want to play.
Own my own house with floorboards and have sufficient Ethernet cables that it is easy (& safe) for visitors to be totally wired.
Have a working reliable anime linux (SteamOS) PC connected to my TV, As well as a stylish portable gaming box for Sojourns.
Finish writing an interesting story about Жизньμαιじつ that uses Russian/Greek/Hiragana nouns in an understandable manner.
Have a flourishing herb garden, using them in my own cooking, which other people enjoy to eat.
Start to settle down with a wife who loves me very much.
Regularly play the Double Bass at church. Also being capable to play and sing along with Classical/Scat/Country music (and the starwars imperial march)
I’d go camping and relax under the stars chatting around a fire with friends.
Have somebody else organise a community that plays computer games in a public manner, which I regularly attend.
Walk on my hands for fun and finish by doing the bridge and standing upright without falling over.
Things at work running smooth enough that I can manage a 4 day week easily, spending the other two working days on the things above and resting all day on Sunday.
Be an example of meekness to the rest of the world. I’m not really sure what it entails, but strangers should recognise me as being Meek. Not for the rewards of the sermon on the mount but because it sounds cool and is hard to describe and because of that Rougelike where I could start as a shepherd.

But this week? What can I do?

BluCat replacement (as I’d given that rig to Scotty Bowes)
Linux, USB Boot?|     |Windows       
TV+Controller|     |Keyboard
         Anime/movies|     |Music/Games
                       UEFI+SteamOS|     |Graphics card, Eyefinity
                                 Permanent, heavy|     | portable (home-made, stylish)
            HDDs +RAM drive|    |SSD + gaming HDD
                 VLC, zSNES, Server|    |Steam, client games, Lol
OR, give up on linux, use the TV as my primary display for my gaming PC.
With the sound system all connected and sitting in the couch to game.
Then dismantle it each time I go away to play games.

In the third case I should run my Linux box to recover all the anime, or whatever else was stored on it, transferring the data to my new HDD in Oil. I still have a new storage HDD that is ready to be installed. For ~$300 I could obtain a 1920x1080 Dell monitor with native mini-DisplayPort input. And setup the Eyefinity a little cleaner with the TV on HDMI in the centre. Probably would cost ~1k for a new miniITX portable setup, which is a bit much for a novel test rig. And I’m unwilling to downgrade my main system in order to use steam on Oil’s UEFI mobo.
But first I should see how the couch feels while gaming, where would my keyboard sit? On the card table maybe? What about back posture?
Couch is OK, using the other folding table as it’s the right height and can fit all the monitors. Not so nice to sit this close to a TV, but the resolution is nicer to manage. The third monitor having less x pixel width means that the Eyefinity program is not centred correctly (possibly to do with the Bezel?). And the peripheral screens actually seem less helpful now. But the sound is much better. Though, it was very much fun to watch Dad racing Dirt3.

Borrow a Double Bass, have had a look at some forums. I should listen to what they are like and Delwin Ainsworth may have one that I can loan. I can either learn with a bow or just using my fingers. Regardless I’d need to get callouses on my left hand. Possibly practice an hour a day. Apparently the best way to start out is to hire a teacher and rent a correctly sized upright bass, but there are also success stories of self taught people that bought several instruments until they found one that they were comfortable with, just like how I’m learning to kitesurf. Although it sounds like you need a really expensive one to be satisfied with learning on, and the electric portable versions are around $5,000.

Procrastinate with computer games, I know I will anyway so scheduling it in makes sense. Still keen enough on Marvel Heroes to do a daily quest or three. And as long as Tony keeps at it I will want to win Space Rangers HD a War Apart. Which is a good game to play while cleaning the house; or making dinner as it is turn based and easy to pick up where I left off. Though neither of these games work well with my current Eyefinity setup they may be better with a central TV. Or three monitors in portrait orientation, but that would cost a bit too much this week.

In reality I have no holidays left to go to europe for a cultural experience, but by the time I have holidays I should be able to afford the flights again (or pay off my house) So for now I just need to keep in touch with Aurore and enquire as to her health and wellbeing occasionally, shouldnt be too hard on facebook.