Friday, October 31, 2014

Eyefinity novel, not helpfull

Well I've tried a dozen or so programs now and there is a bit of difference between three desktops and one large disjointed one. A resolution of 4640x900 may be a little odd, its the max pixel width of the three and the max height of the smallest. I'm impressed that Space Rangers HD automatically detected the new resolution, and though it works I need to move the mouse a lot from one far corner to the other.

note that the radar lines encompass all of my main screen and about 5cm of the side monitors. So things were getting a bit disjointed, and this was especially bad on BIT.TRIP Beat. All the gameplay was on the left monitor.

I thought that Mechwarrior online would be really cool, but mostly all I could see was the inside of the cockpit. Until I rediscovered FPS mode, all FPS games seem to work the same and rather well.

 But I was hoping for something to put on the extra monitor that was informative without requirering me to move my mouse there. Making it like an ingame desktop. This was ok for Artemis and Guildwars 2, as they both (kind of) let you rearrange the UI. If I could make the minimap take up all of the left monitor that would have been great. Especially in a game like Divinity original sin, where the fish eye thing make the extra screen realestate useless.
Remembering that my dekspace makes these monitors disjointed, you should be able to tell the edge of the screen in these bottom two.
So overall novel but not entirly helpfull. I'm probably better off running VLC on the left, game fulldcreen in the middle and firefox on the right.