Friday, November 14, 2014

Why a Bass

Talkbass has been a nice website. I’ve got 1k from grandmas will and have earmarked that as for something memorable. At this stage it’s either for a double bass, a Bass guitar or something Kitesurfing. Either I should consolidate a skill I already have or diversify into something different. I’ve been a bit discouraged buy the starting price of double Basses, and the recommendations that beginners should always start on a well made, nice sounding instrument of the appropriate size and get it calibrated as a personal instrument: Or rent one.

Actually calling something "grandmas harness" seems like a terrible idea. And "Grandma's Kite" would have to be a smaller one for >30knot winds, rather hairy proposition.

Then I started to look at the bass guitars, seems more in my price range. Both instruments should be complimentary to nearly any sort of music, so long as I can hold a beat like a drum (Right hand). The bassist/drummer sets the tempo of the music, and I like the sound of the double bass. Piano Guys was some good motivation but I like the bass better than the cello, its bigger and has a deeper sound. A bit unfortunate that the electric bass needs an amp but I suppose the double bass is also limited in that its rather large to transport.One of the main motivations was my second stop in Brussels, near the train station there must have been a theater and all these well dressed musicians started turning up and going to what I assume was a convert. The Sheela with a double bass was the most impressive bit.,1
Living End
Piano guys, Cello wars
Nightwish and heaps of other bands have an electric Bass, dude with the hair.
Even Donald Duck plays the bass apparently.
Esperanza Spalding can blay both, no troubble.
seen these people live a coupple of times now.
even kids can do it.
Let's kik the beat
Another bearded bassist in Mumford & Sons
I forget
plenty of free tutorial thingy
and a teaching game.

Aside from researching on the net I've also talked most musical people I know.  So thanks to Delwin Ainsworth, Sean, Karl Helbig, Diane McDonald, Aurore, Levi & Tony Bowes; for helping me obtain a decision.