Friday, November 28, 2014

A little bit better

What about now? What about this week?
I'm still aiming to beat Rock lee and be a bit better than yesterday.

TV+Oil+sound system= good anime, bad for being close
TV+Stearing wheel = fun driving games
TV+eyefinity= too close to TV and wings unhelpfull.
Oil+3monitor desktops= fullscreen gaming while watching youtube/web browsing.


Assuming I can get a rocksmith cable, or an extension lead, so that I can stand comfortably whilst playing rocksmith. I may leave this setup running and catch-up with Naruto/Fairytale until xmas. Otherwise I’d be more satisfied to do away with the TV as my primary monitor. Go back to something that doesn’t hurt my eyes to be so close to and use just the one superfluous monitor. Then try to win space rangers before Tony does.


Having Deo visit from the 21-28 November has meant that I had some help and a bit of a rush to get one of my old PCs functional again. So I now have a decent XP Gaming machine, called Old-Freddy. But there are also 5 HHDs to clean, backup & reformat. Mostly with old anime/Nicole’s photos/Linux OSs I think.


The Terraria server on has ended up letting my Argonaut character fairly easily defeat Planterra. So I’m not quite certain how to make the game fun when people with no experience in hard mode join. Gathering Chlorophyte and plant hearts was pretty easy when digging sideways through my jungle. So these hearts are probably the best way to buff my allies. Oo I should change to a sailor uniform too. For the nautical theme. And my main goal will be to make a GPS, I think I have some of the components on other accounts.


I wonder if I can count the mint that has taken over the herb garden as flourishing? It’s a bit more untidy than nutgrass and tastes better. Maybe if it is really a weed I should plant it where the rats-tail grass is growing? Then I could choke out the thistles with something that smells nice and has flowers.


BG, the skill that I aim to develop over the next six months that should be more useful than fencing and used more often than the argentine tango.


Have a look at the Apollo-M teaching program that Miranda recalled.

Find bassline for the argentine tango, pasa double, Catherin waltz, Sway by Dean Martin.

Sheet Music for “Wags the Dog” to be my first song I think.

I should translate real musical notation into muscle memory.

But it’s easier to learn how to get a high score on Rocksmith and remember Red7, yellow5

Red          Yellow      Blue         Orange

0E            A             D             G


F♭/G♯  B              E

G              C              F

G♭/A♯                                  B

A                                              C


B              E

C              F

C♭/D♯                  B              E

D                              C              F


12E          A             D             G


Beth explained chords to me in a way that I could understand. The dots show where your fingers go and you don’t move your hand but alternate which string is played, so a chord is a group of notes that all sound nice together. Whereas I’ve been playing nearly everything with my index finger and trying to quickly move it to the next required fret.

The other marvellous thing on Tuesday was connecting the Parfits Bass amp to my guitar, and using the headphones to transfer the amped “music” into Rocksmith. With this I can actually hear myself playing over top of the songs that I’m trying to learn and now I can hear how bad I actually am, rather than assuming its mostly correct and waiting for visual feedback from the game. Now that I can hear I’m terrible I should be able to tell when I begin to get better and which parts need improving most.

Somehow I plan to play a tango, but it’s really slow to translate musical notation into notes then into string/fret finger positions. I think there was a program called “musicnotes”? nope, that just has sheet music, though it does have Sway (Quien Sera) which is apparently by the Pussycat Dolls, not Dean martin as I have previously supposed. It seems similar to IMSLP, but that you have to pay for So far this has been more challenging than I anticipated. I think the next part after I start to translate something is to use the rocksmith Jam session mode thing to see if the computer thinks that I am playing something like what I want to.


On the water I have not been able to progress as much as Tony, mainly due to his proximity with the beach. There have also been a lot of northerlies lately making Archie’s the place to go. Also while the initial plan was to take a kite to SA for xmas I think travelling with the wakeboard may be a little too challenging. So the taking Elva the Bass is probably the best plan. Might end up loaning all my kite gear to Tony for the xmas break. Then he will defiantly be better at it. Unless we get the very windy days where I’m overpowered but still having fun on the 12m starter kite. I just need more time on the water with less breaks to get a hang on whats happening. I need to relearn how to do jumps and practice my downwind approach a bit more but I think my light winds relaunch and tack/Gybe is all good.