Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Potential cosplay?

Well I sort of have a beard now. it happened when I was on holidays. Then on the way home it seemed like a good idea to keep it for the most part of the year and see what it is like, well at least untill my Pasport and Drivers liscence photos are due. Also since the crush looks to be finished by then I am planning on going to Supanova in Briz, 28-30th November. So who could I go as whilst taking advantage of a big bushy beared? First off my search kept finding the Ox-King from Dragon Ball, but I dont think I could pull that off and have no inclination to keep suspenders for later use, nomater what David McDonald says about them. Then I found Haddock, a possibility I suppose, though rather old and not really anime. Trawling forums I happened uppong a reccomendation from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I havent watched this anime yet, mainly becase the sodgy ending in regular FMA. But looking a little closer there is a lot of facial hair in this anime, certainly more than most. Mr Armstrong, Sig Curtis & Elric's dad to name a few.
I also asked a coupple of people and the main reccommendation was Mr. I'm Dissapointed in you. But I really did not like his anime.

Then our ROTARACT chageover dinner is coming up soon and I would like to get a suit eventually, and this is formal so may be a bit of extra motivation. So who could I go as and kill two birds with one stone? Searching "Cosplay formal" returns dresses and "Cosplay suit" mostly ignored the suit part. Asking around again I quickly got two suggestions, Abel Nightroad and Nicolas D. Wolfwood.

I could buy a simmilar outfit to this [Here] and [Here]
Very robelike and probably not a smart thing to wear in a medeteranian climate. Hang on, where was this set?

Its a bit hard to format these side by side.
So I have run out of dotpoints to make.
Seems like a fairly normal suit, with the never, always, sometimes buttons and a really flared coller.

A further possibility is the undertaker from Black Butler, who has a cool hat. Most people seem to make their own by covering a hat they already own [Link]. But again an outright purchase is possible [Link], but I have not actually seen this anime as yet, well not much of it.