Saturday, May 10, 2014

Eruo8: Astorga to Santiago

5th to El Acebo, ~36km
Glad to not be pushing bikes up these steep snowy mountains.
Well this was a very big day and a lot of stuff happened.
6th to Pjero, ~35km
7th to LaFaba, ~32km
On the way up this mountain, if I was walking with Marie I would have tried to rent a horse, but I sont speak spannish and have never driven a horse before. Through this mountain range it was hard to tell exactly where I was because the locals had changed the spelling and sometimes the names of all the towns. The last bet coming into town felt very much like being in the hobbit.
8th to Triacastela, ~26km
9th to ~Villacha, ~42km
We were in La Faba yesterday but i dont know where we are tonight, its about 94km from santiago according to the milestones. Apparently the local treat is polpol, so I may have some of that for breakfast tomorrow.
10th to Cazanova Mato, ~28km
Caught up with my emails in a pub by myself after leaving Marie behind at the nice albergue with the hummocks.
11th Arva do Pino, ~30km
Started early, got lost a few times today.
12th Santiago do Compostella ~20km
I know that was lazy and I could have written more, but I have been home for a week now and I really want the photos up. Plus so manythings happened climing the mountain and seeing the iron cross that it would have taken ages to wrige down the fun.

 This is one of the special (not pilgrims) menues that we had with our Spannish Amigos

This is another pretty detour, but it ended up being very steep hard work.

Feeling like summer now, I really felt like a Hoopy Frood. There were as many uses for my quickdry towel as I found for my drizabone.