Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Euro6: Viana to Burgos

28th to Nájera, ~40km
I dont know how Vinvent the Frenchman managed to average 50km a day, its a very different walk when you have no time to socialise with other people in the evenings and eat dinner by yourself as I did this day. the worst meal I had all trip I think and the company was even worse. But the albergue was nice and I got a badge for accomplishing my first 40KM day.
29th to Santo Domingo de la Calzada, ~21km
I wonder what the locals actually call this town? I needed to go a bit slower today to recover from the long walk previously and spent all day I think walking with Misoon, one of the many friendly Koreans. She was the forst Korean that I had much to do with though, we passed throguh a dead town that was full of empty million doller houses and took a rather large detour to a Pub and arrived just before it opened. We were verry close to bussing it to the next town and then some locals went into the pub. Before dinner I was drinking by myself and talking to the Cooking Koreans and left my half full bottle of
This is the first place where they had pushed all the bunk beds together and made them sort of doubble beds, so I kind of slept with Su Young.
30th toVillafranca Montes de Oca, ~35km
I probably started out as usual after nearly everybody else had left ~9am after a late brekky. In the evening I caught up with Salvadore and his wife. Rather than going to the municipal albergue we went to the much nicer on on the top of the hill and met Jabalgar and his group for dinner.
31st to Altapuerca, ~20km
Shorter day today as the plan was to have a bit of time to look at Burgos, the next big city. This town also had a museum with the oldest european fossilised man, but it was closed, bank day. Then it didnt open untill 11am so we decided to give that a miss. In the evening I failed at making an april fools joke on facebook, mainly because I lost my post twice, then I resorted to poetry. For dinner we had a sinalong with everybody ssinging a national sone, Me and Norel had a go at Waltzing matilda.
1st of April to  Burgos
The sunrise day, running down a mountain because my knee was happy and finally catching up with some of the people that I began the trek with.

Some of the interesting anti-grafiti.

Beware and give way to nuclear mice
Some of my motivation to switch from hiking to using a bike.

The next three photos I cant take credit for, but I am in them. This is from the first evening with Marie and the new group, at the rather flash hotel.

This is taken the first day with my new group, it's a pity these photos lost their properties so I dont really know what time of day or the day for that matter.

This is the only day on the trek that I really saw a sunrise, we didnt really leave very early but the sun came out from behind some clouds shortly after starting.

I like my coat, at times felt very anime, sometimes more like a bushranger, sometimes I imagined being on the high seas and buffeted by the wind and waves.

Here we took a detour by a river that  was much prettyier than I imagined walking by the highway to be. I think this was the one detour that was both on purpose and worthwhile.

More of the trees whit all the branches knitted together.

Green man at the albergue