Friday, March 16, 2012

Taste of Harmony

A taste of harmony, I like that idea. Actually I usually try to make each individual meal as culturally diverse as possible. Like putting pineapple in Irish stew, or making a curry with Beef and Greek yoghurt.

We have been talking about this for a while at work and I just now realized that we have a sojourn scheduled that week too. Currently at work we have representations from, Belgian, New Zealand, Italy, France and India. I dunno what background the other Technomancer’s have.

While I do like my food my lunch at work normally consists of fruit or vegetables, with the occasional sandwich or instant noodles. You see I have problems with what I should take for lunch:
There is limited space in the fridge.
The cooking equipment consists of: Kettle, sandwich press, microwave & coffee machine.
Lunch is scheduled to last 30min.
The average attendance is 12±12, so it can get crowded at the sink.
We are an alcohol free site.

So normally when people bring things to lunch for their birthday it’s a cake or slice that sits in the bottom of the fridge. Added to this my cultural heritage is ~9generations of Australians, proceeded by Prussian on my mums side and the rest of Europe on my dad’s side. I think I’m Scottish/Irish direct descendant. I’ve never made lamingtons before and it’s been a very long time since I endeavored to bake a pavlova.

The next complication is what foods am I confident enough to feed to other people? Golden Syrup Dumplings and Self saucing chocolate pudding are not possible to pre-prepare or make at work. Curries and Pasta would also be a challenge to serve. Maybe rely of the microwave to reheat the food?

Maybe it’s easier to just bite the bullet and go for LAN only, that was I can also sign up to be a part of the event officially. If our secretary hasn’t done a theme for the burning of Minecraft then I’ll derail that train and make it a food sojourn.

Quiché, cold pasta and salad are the only things that spring to mind, then I have to try to fit them into my heritage somehow.

Maybe I’ll have a Sunday session of afternoon cooking.