Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bachelor Spag Bog

Been making this for years and only just realized that I have no set recipe. I defiantly at least need some photos as it is one of my staple meals for tea.
Start off with an onion. Top and tail it then dice it up.
Toss into saucepan with no oil on medium heat.
Cloves of garlic cut into disks with the back of the knife so they get a bit crushed, thrown onto onions. Add to taste 2-7.
 When the onion starts to brown, add your mince.
Preferably beef, ~125g for 2 people. More mince means leftovers.
Burn the mince a little for flavor if you like.
Add in a jar of pre made pretend to be pasta sauce. (Real sauce takes ~4hours to make and is wasted on a dish like this)
Add vegetable matter in the following order: Chunky frozen; Frozen or Chunky; Small and not frozen.
The volume of vegetable matter should slightly exceed the volume of mince.
When there are no frozen bits of vegetable, add pasta.
Stringy pasta is ill advised.
Shells and tubes restrict/accelerate the thermal flow of the saucepan making it more likely to burn on the bottom. They also contain hot sauce when you byte them.
Spirals and bowties are the ones I prefer.
By volume I add around the same amount of pasta as there are vegetables. Or fill up the saucepan.
Place the lid and reduce the heat.
As the pasta expands it fills the saucepan and becomes harder to stir. But if you don’t stir it it burns on the bottom and is hard to clean.

Serve when the pasta is done al-dente. Remove from heat. The pasta will continue cooking for a while due to residual heat.
Served with Perriperri/Tobasco sauce and topped with frozen grated cheese.

At the end you should have only used a cutting board one sharp knife one stirring implement and one saucepan.
I usually eat this in a bowl with a fork. When I have had my fill I’d place the rest in portion sized containers and place them into the freezer.