Monday, March 26, 2012

Fitness and versatility

Being fit is meaning that I don’t get worn out by doing the things that I want to do. But it also requires training over and above the normal workload to be able to easily achieve your regular tasks.

Eg I want to be fit enough to ride my bike to work with a speed of ~25kph for ~7km. So I train on weekends going ~30kph for >30k.

But being only bike fir is not enough, I also like to be swimming fit. Also since I am not just a physical entity I like to be mentally fit. This means reading scientific journals occasionally, and always learning new things.

So fitness should be versatile, easily adaptable to other sports or areas of life. Like a work life balance. One third of the day is dedicated to funding the rest of my endeavors; one third to recovering from what I have done; and one third for everything else.

There are four stats in which I want to build more stamina, five for greater versatility: mental/physical/spiritual/emotional/recovery.

But why do I desire this?

Well I figure my self and my life is a gift from God and like a good gift I should look after it properly. Neither sitting it on a shelf as though it were an ornament nor mistreating it and using it improperly.

So I want to use my life and use it well. But what does that mean? How can I know if I am keeping fit and versatile?

That would be 1-3,9,0 the way to live my life.

Life is a constant learning and revising. Lots of knowledge is gained and lost, specific knowledge may not be useful like Alt+14=♫, but sharing interesting things is always going to be something I want to remember.

Jesus is a good role model for this type of thing, not just because he is an integral part of the relevant religion.

1 Jesus certainly did plenty of sharing, like with the five loves and three fish. His first miracle involved making wine, and all his notable meals were with a group of people.

2 He was prepared to be unprepared, not phased in the slightest by getting stuck at sea in a storm. And he was willing to follow his dads plan, although in the garden of Gethsemane he was considering the alternatives.

3 Timeliness was not an issue considering how much effect he had on the world in his mere 30 something years. Jesus also sent his disciples all over the country without a second set of sandals. That is defiantly an efficient purchase.

9 While it wasn’t all fun and games Jesus was a bit of a joker, telling riddles (parables) pulling coins out of fish. He must have been the life of the party for all the crowds that followed him, even climbing through a hole in the roof.

0 I don’t know why but I think Jesus was proud and humble at the same time. He certainly wasn’t ashamed of who he was or what he was doing. Like when he lost his temper and kicked all the merchants out of the temple. Then later when he gets arrested Jesus is a little sarcastic towards the guards asking “why didn’t they arrest him then, in the temple”, rather than sneaking up in the middle of the night like mafia trying to hide what they do.

His whole life was a bit of an escapade, gaining more momentum each day. As time went on he managed more and more of everything.

To start off with I was writing in one direction, now I found I went another, so I may as well jump the tracks a third time and get on a similar train.

Where else other than Jesus have I been inspired, such that I would write what I have written? It seems to me that most of my philosophies on life are founded on books.

Dune – series
Aesop’s Fables
Foundations edge
Isaac Asimov – various books
Discworld – series by Terry Pratchet.
Lion, witch, wardrobe – series
Bible, The
The magician series, mostly Pug.
Socrates’ Pursuit of happiness (somebook like that forget the actual name)
+Also anime like TTGL and Infinite Revyus. The keep on keeping on bit.
Pilgrim’s progress

Maybe one day I’ll type why I find them inspirational.