Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Irish Coffee

For instant coffee:
    Place into mug the appropriate amount of coffee.
    Add sugar to taste.
    Add enough mild to cover the coffee, microwave for 30sec if you wish.
    Boiler water in kettle
    Add water to mug.
With a peculator or similar apparatus, follow their instructions for a long black.
    Place an amount of water into a small saucepan proportional to the number of mugs you are making.
    Set the temperature high.
    Place the proportional amount of coffee into the pot, preferably ground coffee.
    When reaching a rolling boil remove from heat. If you have the time when simmering set to low heat.
    Decant coffee through a sieve/colander into your mug. With some practice the sieve is not required.
Add a nip / finger of whisky to your mug. Irishness is not a prerequisite.
Add a sniff of nutmeg
Add a scoop of ice-cream, full fat.
Add on top of that a half teaspoon of cinnamon, ground.

Be wary of whiskers when drinking, they will collect ice-cream.
Also do not inhale sharply lest you remove all the cinnamon from the ice-cream.
Teaspoons are not required as the coffee will be self stirring. The ice-cream is less dense so it will float but as it melts it will, being colder, flow to the bottom of your mug. This displaces the hot coffee and sets up a convection current as the hot fluid tries to float past the ice cream.
With a boiling point of 78C the alcohol will not evaporate particularly quickly as I wouldn’t drink coffee if it was above 60C, so this can be considered an alcoholic beverage. Much better than a JägerBomb, that being another coffee alcohol drink made from a nip of Jägermeister in a can of Mother.