Friday, March 25, 2011

Vegetable curry

 In large sause pan
A diced onion
garlic 6 cloves crushed
Heat so the onion starts to change color

Add spices:
2tsp of Cajun and Garam Masala
1tsp of Keen Curry, Ground Ginger, Cardamon and Turmeric
1/2 cup of yogurt

Carrot chunks
Pumpkin chunks
2 cups of water
200g of tomato pesto

Wait 15 min while Stirring the pot
Soon the chunks should stop going THUD then they hit the wall of the sausepan.

1/2 an Eggplant worth of chunks chunks
Zuichini chunks
handfull of frozen beans for colour.
stir through for another 5 min
I forgot to make rice so let the pot stand off the heat with the lid on and home the vegetables are not too cooked. Serve with sliced lime.
Took me ~2hours to make and eat.