Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ramen in Melbourne

 Wandering around Melb yesterdy I saw a nifty Ramen shop that looked simmilar to the one that Naruto frequents. But when it came lunchtime I couldnt find it. I found another one though. It turns out that all the ramen there used miso chicken soup, so the variety was in what went on top. I asked for spicy vegetables and told the girl that I had attempted to make ramen at home and failed miserably. She thew me when she asked if I would like a drink, so I said yes. after a little more confusion I ordered a Kirin Beer because I have not had it before. tasted like a normal beer, but the Japanese drink it.  So this is what I ended up with.
I Remember Choji telling Naruto how to try a new ramen out. so I tested the broth first. The orangy oil is nearly too spicy for me but yes that tasted like the miso soup I had made, the sesame seeds added to it though I I had not tried them.
Next I ate some on the noodles, there were two different sorts and they were a little crunchy still. Particularly the big ones. So last time I definitely overcooked my noodle. Also by the end of the meal all the noodles were cooked through by the heat of the broth.
I am quite pleased that I had a decent attempt at using the chopsticks, also found out that if you slurp the noodles juice flicks off them and makes a mess. Very bad when the juice also burns of chilly. So I chewed out the noodles instead.
The ingredients that I could taste/see and name were:
Ginger, couldn't see any though
sesame seeds (black white and yellow, some of the black ones sank the rest floated on broth)
Lettuce, bite sized pieces, must have been put in last and was uncooked.
Carrot cut in sticks 3mm thick, also somewhat crunchy
Spring onion, sliced into disks.
That was it, I should have ordered a meaty one so that I could get a half boiled egg in it. that looked nifty.
There were a few other veggies that I could not identify.