Thursday, October 1, 2015

Skyzer the Mad Logician and the rise of the Kaga Rebellion

Total War: Shogun 2

Prompted by the Wasted Camel, then authorised by the humble bundle to meekly spread mayhem; Skyzer’s inspired by the triple T to spread chaos, duel samurai and raise the phesants to radioactive power. Ikko-ikki farmers and monks unite with the illogical master of logistics to overthrow the Shogu and control the [Kaga province] for their own prosperity. But how does this come to pass? Why is Skyzer here?

Linsey Stirling's radioactive is not the most iconic of her songs but reminds me of how Skyzer the [Beyblade] began, from a mewling sky serpent to a nuclear powered spinning top with a perpetual motion chaos engine. The faster we spin the more thermodynamic energy is released, the greater the fission the faster we spin.

Stephen chow and the [King of Beggers]

Great movie, I wonder if the period is correct? seems to be [1644-1912] Shows the riches to rags story of a spoilt brat as he finds meaning to life, defeats an evil overlord and is rewarded with nothing. One of the final scenes where the Emperor kowtow’s to him reminds me of the Baldur's Gate series. Bhaal choses his reward last after his two friends become the god of the living and the god of the underworld. Initially they seem to have taken all the power and responsibility, but Bhaal takes the title god or murder thus he can control the size of both of their kingdoms by not allowing people to die or murdering a great many, in the end I believe the other two submit to his authority. [See BOOK36]

Zui quan

One of jakie’s earlier movies is Drunkan Master (also set during the Quing Dynasty), personally I don’t think its any good. And it was much more fun to watch Rock Lee battle Kimimaro after his recovery from being defeated by Gaara. Then there was the [Curry of Life] story arc, I don't really know why people complain so bitterly about the filler arcs. These were some of the most fun stories, like "What does Kakashi's mouth look like and does he ever eat?" or the cooking nin of Ep168 or Kin Kon Kun, laughing Shino in Ep186. Buy yes, I'd like to see more of drunken Lee in the fight with the Gedo statue. Incidentally it appears that this specific style really does not work if you are actually intoxicated, but is effective if your opponent thinks that you are.

Tao Te Ching

 Is an inspiring work and it’s pacifist principals can be applied to many sorts of confrontations. I’ll specifically need to re-read the discourse on army movements, incidentally this should be the most apt application of the principals, with the least amount of inference and translation.
hang on, my references don't seem correct.
Ah I was thinking art of war not Taoism, but [this] kind of also fits.
Though I think I have gotten most use out of The Art of War by kiting in league of legends. 

… is another movie I recommend, seems I’ve watched a lot of old school movies lately. This incidentally set about the same time, possibly a generation or two later and as opposed to “the Last Samurai” which is set in 1877 actually seems to show why the era of the samurai ended and seems a really good depiction of what it was like to live back then. Though the story is mainly about the great love that a father has for his daughters and how he would much rather be a meek farmer than a noble warrior.

Completed the tutorials without too much difficulty, not sure how much they helped. No trouble in finding where to click, had to wait ages to research better farm practices so that I could move my army from a starving town on the edge of revolt. I like the retainers mechanic for the special units and that they gain experience over time when hiding in town.
Initially Skyzer planned to not level up or employ the expensive and powerful endgame units; Instead employing a pile of cheap peasants with which to wage war. But since the Ikko Ikki are their own faction, it would be unfair to ally with anybody else. And so Skyzer’s buddist socialist party will spread chaotically and quickly. Upgrading all the roads first, ensuring reliable supply chains to the far flung regions of revolt.

Also check this out, the place where Zubuza died I believe.

I wonder can I change names and have some of my people working under General Aesthetic? and his attendant Dr. Acula.

The lack of military police is compensated for with extra religious zeal, so monks and nin are a must. Mayhaps I won’t actually have to recruit anybody as my soldiers could mostly be revolting serfs?

LOL, my monk can has a pet cat.