Thursday, October 22, 2015

Decision: Social work or youth for Friday

Work social

Used to go straight from work and be the first one there, hang around till everybody leaves and be a bit social with my colleges, find out about their personal lives and discuss the way the company is running ethos/mission/long term stuff. But I’ve been told off a couple of times for talking to people at work, as a result I’m not really all that interested anymore. We also have snacks at these functions which serves as dinner. After which I might have rung Levi, sobered up and got to youth just in time for the kids to start arriving. Beth was running the show so all I had to do was pay attention and be a role model.

But now

With Beth gone, more and more it seems like I need to take a leadership/organising role at youth. To that end I’ve been turning up as early as I possibly can, Gudrun seems to arrive with our senior youth at 3:30. They have some fellowship whilst making dinner then run through a study (almost the same as the one that we do at youth). After which there is a small gap before the rest of the youth arrive at 7pm. Either way I’m there till 9ish to lock up.

If I was enjoying work more I might have kept with the first option, If I were a girl and therefore not really concerned with litigation mitigation and paedophilia, then the decision would be easier. It seems that an amalgamation of the two alternatives will not properly gelatinise. Ergo, to youth I go.