Friday, October 9, 2015

Lonely with Alice and Job

Though I’m not one to winge…

  • I’ve been bored, lonely, hungry, tired & poor. And I don’t want any advice on what to do about it.
  • I don’t like coming home to a big empty house
  • I want to be able to buy meat and wine for almost every meal. Not so as to be a drunkard and a glutton. But I've lost confidence in my cooking skills, and have only been buying those things when I have visitors.
  • I want to find more satisfaction at work, time to get a haircut and change jobs?
  • Mayhaps once the crush finishes I get a second job working in a pub after hours. Meet new people and have more money for meat.
  • Mayhaps I get a girl to settle down with, then I’ll look forward to coming home after work. Then we can go dancing and have better food.
  • Maybe I’ll work evenings at ATW once the crush finishes, meet new people and afford meat and beer.
  • Maybe I should brew my own beverages? New project to put on the bucket list?
  • Or a different attitude could stabilise the situation. But im restless and looking for a challenge and it’s nigh on impossible to alter your own emotional state, just ask anybody who has been clinically depressed.

I’ve really not wanted to organise anything these school holidays, and nobody wanted to invite me anywhere so I totally wasted the public holiday and did nothing special. And Stream broke a bit and almost use up all my internet so I can’t scroll down on facebook anymore. Therefore I found a single player game to procrastinate with, merely a temporary fix I know.
Mums fix for boredom is to suggest cleaning – but the house is spotless from their visit.
Deo always recommends reading the bible – read 1 Samuel, in prep for BS

Initially it was because of Alice McDonald that I purchased The Madness Returns. Also the old VHS that we used to watch when visiting Dad's parents [Link].
For some odd reason I had to register on the EA website for the game to open, but it doesn’t need internet or Origen.

Posted a bit of a review [here]  the psycology of the backstory got me into the game, then Blades of Time kept me in the combat, and Brutal Legend made searching for the backstory interesting. Initially the jump puzzles were like Guildwars 2, but at chapter five it was all Tomb Raider and I dont like that, there is no way to get past these without accomplishing them, again and again and again, endlessly like Super Meat Boy. Nevertheless the plot is good and the tale well spun and the scenery saucy?

The rest of my screenshots are [here]

Great ending, it (sort of) explains the tar and why practically all the enemies are built from baby doll pieces.


And next Procrastination tool appears to be darksiders, a tale of the four horsemen, specifically War. Death is second and is also ready to run. Skyzer and the Kaga rebellion has been put on the back burner because Stephan has been AFK.
Darksiders seems like much more of a fighting game, I’m pleased there have been no jump puzzles. It reminds me a little of Dark Souls, where if you fail lots then you gain extra Xp and extra currency, then the game becomes easier because new skills are available.

Reading Job has been a good idea, so was the carton of longnecks. I’m paying close attention to who is speaking and to whom their monologue is addressed, because I recall getting greatly confused by this in the past. Why do bad things happen to good people?
Well I’ve always thought that good and bad things while opposite are graduations along the same scale. Whereas people and things that happen are totally un-related. Ergo:
things happen (goodish and badish)
people exist (goodish and badish)
things happen to people
All this is true.
Things happen to people until they are dead, after which things continue to happen but the people in question no longer question.

Mum and dad were visiting a coupple of weekends ago and we watched a lot of jakie chan, mostly Police Story. The more I read about Job the more it is remminding me of a corny police kung fu movie.