Wednesday, October 29, 2014

three monitor resolution

With resolution I set out my resolution to accurately divine the resolution of my monitor’s resolution so that it’s no longer blurry, the resolution resolution probably revolves around acquiring new drivers. I’ll derive the appropriate driver my monitoring the modification of my monitor’s resolution resolutely. Eventually I’ll resolve the riddle and return a reliable solution for my resolution resolution resolutely. Hopefully I won’t have to monitor my monitor to maintain a reasonable reliable resolution.

At work I’ve been doing a bit of CitetSCADA user interface re-design. In order to properly test the layout I needed to significantly increase my display resolution, and so acquired the justification for a graphics card and 1920x1080 resolution monitor. I also took the opportunity to keep my old monitor. So I was one of the early people at work to adopt a duel monitor workstation and certainly put the second monitor to good use the first two years. Lately I have not been doing a lot of work on the Citect user interface but have managed to acquire matching monitors.
At home: while I’ve had the opportunity to use duel monitors (and it much easier to get them) my experiences at work with popups constantly appearing on the join between screens has meant that I’ve shied away from the idea. Added to this are the issues of tabbing out from full screen mode games, back to the other screen or losing the mouse. This week though Artemis got me inspired and I found out about eyefinity and Flex. So for $100 in cable adaptors (way overprices I think) and a couple of ‘give away broken old’ monitors I now have a nice 3-monitor setup, with the possibility of a 4th.  The main attraction was to have an odd number of screens and a clear uninterrupted image immediately in front of me.
My Saphire Radeon HD 7870 is connected to:
Via mini Display port -> miniDP to VGA adaptor -> 1280x1024 Polyview on the left
Via mini Display port -> miniDP to VGA adaptor -> 1440x920 LG (landscape flipped) on the right
Via HDMI -> nothing (only my TV has HDMI input)
Via DVI -> 1920x1080 HP (primary display) in the middle

For playing Artemis I swapped out the smallest monitor for a 81cm TV at 1360x786 and that worked great, the graphics card even remembered my settings and put the 1280x1024 back the way I’d initially set it up when we finished. Though there were six of us only three were keen enough to fly a spaceship. We won a level three defence scenario and having a third person is probably twice as effective as only two crew. Another note on this game, windowed mode runs much better, when running two instances in fullscreen (one the server) whichever I was currently tabbed into was clear and the other game instance went black.

I think I will keep the tree monitor setup, left for music mid for games right for steam/firefox. Or I may turn them off to save electricity. Another alternative is to setup the Eyefinity system whereby all the available screens merge into one large desktop. It would work much better with identical screens I think or at least screens of the same height. Because my start menu was waaaay all the way over the left and the right screen defiantly had the wrong aspect ratio. Now that I have re-read the instructions I may try to play a game over all these monitors, maybe Mechwarrior online will let me.
Seems interesting, motly it looks like part of the screen is at the wrong resolution, Serious Sam 3 could work well and Rouge Legacy just triplicated the same image. I think I'd need at least two monitors of the same resolution and all with the same aspect ratio before I'd leave it like this.

 Incidentally the screnshots all apear to be in the correct resolution, bit in real life they are blurry. To the left here is the back of my PC, I did not find any mini Display port To DVI adapters so I'm using VGA. Also they are probably active adaptors even though they do not have any additional USP power requirements.

Belos is Sam3, unfortunatly I died while trying to take a pic, but this game was the one that seemed happiest with the mixed ratio displays. THough I had more fun playing it on linux when none of the textures loaded all all the game was made of white boxes and square bloodstains.