Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Something about the esoteric knowledge of a linux sailor

Some days at work I feel like a sailor returning home. I know what I’ve done but nobody else seems to.

It was a hectic day on the sea, I had to cry for buoy room because a cleat gave way whilst we were on starboard tack, the jib luffed until I could reef the sheet back on but by then we were in irons and had to get close hauled again before attacking the buoy.

Today I was stumped by a genie, seems each component in most of the BGA screens has been manually configured and grouped together. Nobody has updated them since 5 so the variables are in an old format. They still work but it’s worth replacing them whenever you find one. But the main reason the genies don’t function is that the tag nomenclature has changed and I’m used to using Units to describe Loops, but in BGA it seems the boiler title is used instead. I cant even show what I’m talking about because it’s a dynamic system and only a few things are visible at any one time. For the most part the changes I’ve don’t are invisible and if I do a really good job nobody will notice any difference at all.

Despite how much I dislike jargon in church I seem to use a lot of it at work and around the place. Then occasionally somebody will make the joke about knowing a second language and its called C++. I’m not sure that really counts.