Friday, May 10, 2013

Smitten by who?

Took me a while to find again but there was an interesting forum discussion here. One of the questions raised was, “If the Christian God was in a computer game what would he be like?”

Some of the other gods are pretty easy to determine, like Zeus, Ra, Thor & Wukong. They could fairly easily be incorporated in to Xmen for example and nothing would be amiss. Then in Buddhism and Tao there isn’t really a god you can work with. The Christian God the Father is a bit like that, an omnipresent all powerful authority figure who wont act in a way that definitively proves he exists, (apart from maintaining gravity and DNA replication and stuff). Thirdly is the Spirit who has two avatars “like a dove” and “tongues of fire” Luke3:22 and Acts2:3 respectively. So then you have a bit to work with, there isn’t really a physical form so immunity to physical damage makes sense. The Spirit is also multilingual and can live within people, making them hear and see better. Then there is Jesus who has a nice physical avatar which is easy to relate to, so totally human with all the normal squishiness (unlike Thor). Jesus also has heaps of miracles, turning water into wine, calming a storm, walking on water and lots of healing, even bringing Lazarus back from the dead. Defiantly a support healer. All in all the Christian Deity has a rather dull and practical set of abilities. Compared to Zeus who is responsible for lightning, Ra kind of is the sun, Thor’s hammer is faster/harder/heavier than everything and Wukong has a staff multitool, flies on a cloud and didn’t get hurt when a mountain was dropped on him.

Whats your take? hase Smite gone too far? Would Jesus fit in a computer game? Should Kali be dressed more modestly?