Friday, February 22, 2013

Musings on a replacement car

My current car now leaked all the water out of the radiator, just after me replacing all the fuel lines and the muffler, I suppose it’s just at the age were things start going wrong. I could get a 10yo car outright the same as last time or I could pay twice that for a nearly new car with more help from grandma.

Subaru Impreza WRX seems like a nice car, but it is also has good resale and is thus expensive.
$40-50k for a new one.
$13-15k for a 2003
I got the idea for these from looking at what cars won Australian rally tournaments ten year ago. I’m Concerned about fitting my bike in the boot though these do come as hatchbacks. I enjoy not slowing down for roundabouts, but there are only 2 places I know of to do hill climbs like in Initial D, so a fun offroad car would be better.
apparently a Honda Civic VTI-S is similar to the WRX but with ~$2k more for a new car there is not point getting one second hand, New ~$23,000. hopefully my bike could fit into the back. I don’t think I’ve driven a front wheel drive before.

A government auction car. Cost ~$10,000, with ~100,000k from 2003, just like when I bought my current car.
the public trustee seems to sell the newer govt. cars that are 3yo and $15-$20k, they done have any Subaru’s it seems.
All these will have a full service history and I may get a police pack.

A 2WD ute would be nice in this case
Utes, looking at the fords are ~$32,000 new and ~$15,000 for a 2008 model. Actually that’s comparable with the WRX.
With the soft top cover I could defiantly fit my bike or PC+Kiteboard+Swag+spare clothes. Though I may need a new sojourning bag for just my PC to keep it safe and clean.

Old Car:
Commodore VR 95 sedan
VIN 6H8VRK19HSL780486
3rd owner
Service history
Mag wheels + Spoiler
Auto Petrol
car seems to be worth $2-3k